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  • Crystal Head Aurora Vodka

    Crystal Head Aurora Vodka



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  • Naga Chilli Vodka
  • KAH Anejo Tequila
  • Hudson Manhattan Rye
  • Hudson Baby Bourbon
  • Tarquin's Gin

18 of 637 Items

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Spirits are distilled from fermented drinks, to collect the pure alcohol spirit and its aromas, leaving behind water and other things like sugar, yeast and colour compounds. For example, wine is distilled to make Grappa, Brandies (such as Cognac) and Picso. Whisky is essentially distilled beer (fermented malted grain), but you wouldn't want to drink the 'mash' before distillation - it's not really beer as we know it. Vodka can be made from grapes, grain, potatoes and pretty much anything that will ferment (see our British Milk Vodka), as long as they resulting product is 'neutral' tasting. It's quite difficult to eliminate fruit flavours from fruit spirits (such as Kirsch, Grappa or Calvados), which is why Vodka is usually made from spuds or cereals.


Gin is Vodka that's been infused with botanicals, notably juniper. Rum is made with fermented molasses or sugar cane; Tequila from fermented agave. The agave in Mezcal is cooked over charcoal before fermentation, giving it that smokey flavour. Similarly, The grain in Whiskies from the Isle of Islay is malted over peat fires.


All spirits start out clear. Brown spirits like Whisky, Dark Rum and Brandy get their colour from being aged in oak barrels. Cheaper brown spirits have caramel added to give the appearance of oak ageing when there hasn't been any, or it's been very brief.


Choosing the right spirit depends mainly on whether you want to sip it neat or use it in cocktails or with a mixer, and which flavours you enjoy the most. If you need advice on which spirit to choose, get in touch.


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