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Kosher Wine

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Kosher wine is wine that is produced according to Judaism's religious law, specifically the Jewish dietary laws (kashrut). For wine to be deemed Kosher, it has to contain only kosher ingredients, and according to traditional Jewish law, once the grapes are picked, only Shabbat-observant Jews can be involved in making the wine. From crushing to bottling, any step of the cultivation, separation and fermentation of kosher wine must be handled exclusively by observant Jews.

Mevushal (literally “cooked”) wine is wine that can be served to a Jew by a non-Jew. Mevushal wine is often served at events where non-Jews will be doing the pouring and serving of wine. Making a wine mevushal no longer entails actually boiling it but heating it up very quickly in a process called flash pasteurization, limiting the damage heat will do to the wine's flavours. The wine is then able to be handled by non-Jews.