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Takara Plum WIne 750ml

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70-75cl (Standard) 31D2788
Takara Plum WIne 750ml

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Takara Plum Wine is made from a white wine base, infused with the sweet but tart flavour of Japanese plums.

Deliciously smooth, this "Umeshu" plum wine has a sweet, rich fruity flavour without a strong alcoholic taste and behaves more like a liqueur than traditional wine.

Made by steeping unripened Japanese plums in alcohol and sugar to allow the flavours to infuse, Takara plum wine tastes sweet but also a little sour.

A fantastic aperitif or digestif over ice in the warmer months, it is great mixed with soda (some even recommend cola!), drunk straight on the rocks, or, add a splash to hot green tea to make a delicious winter tipple.

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  • 31D2788
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