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Canadian Whisky

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Canadian Whisky

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    Crown Royal Whisky



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Canadian Whisky | 31DOVER.com

For what it lacks in location reputation, Canadian whisky makes up for it with a premium spirit to challenge the finest Scotch. Taking inspiration from the fierce Canadian winters, distillers, young and old have been creating lighter, less complex whiskies - great to be enjoyed neat or mixed.

The laws in Canada allow it to be labelled Canadian Whisky, Canadian Rye Whisky or Rye Whisky but do not specify a minimum rye content. It is often blended from two component whiskies - a lighter corn whisky base and a rye ‘flavouring’ whisky.

While Crown Royal is leading the way in Canada, small batch distilleries are regularly popping up, with unique and delicious whisky offerings. Great to be enjoyed neat or mixed