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Warner Edwards Melissa Gin 70cl

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70-75cl (Standard) 31D2970
Warner Edwards Melissa Gin 70cl

After the meteoric success of their flavoured gins, Warner Edwards have released their much anticipated addition to the line, Melissa Gin.

Warner Edwards ‘Melissa’ Lemon Balm Gin is the first of the Botanical Garden limited edition range which will use various herbaceous plants from Warner Edwards’ newly-built garden. Lovingly distilled with pure spring water from the Farm, each gin is beautifully balanced with the flavours and aromas of garden herbs.

The key component in the new release, lemon balm, is a member of the mint family, also known by its Latin name Melissa officinalis. The 43% ABV gin is an herbaceous explosion on the palate which is full of fresh green notes and a robust juniper core. Fresh and distinctive with a very delicate sweetness, Melissa gin bursts with citrusy flavours and a subtle minty finish.

Enjoy with tonic or in a cocktail and grow your own garnish with the seeds attached!

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  • 31D2970
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