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St George Terroir Gin 70cl

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70-75cl (Standard) 31D2248
St George Terroir Gin 70cl

St George spirits have managed to bottle the glorious aromas and character of the epic Californian forests. Sun baked fir trees and misty glens all in an exquisite gin.

Unlike your classic London style gin, St George subdues the juniper flavours, instead promoting the fir, sage and bay laurel notes instead. Roasted coriander (using the Master Distiller’s wok he received as a 13th birthday present!) brings out memories of sun kissed forest foliage and the other botanicals, including Douglas fir, California Bay laurel, sage and juniper berries come together to create a wonderfully woody, crisp flavour profile with hints of citrus.

The herby spice from the coriander and the sage mixed with the notes from the Douglas fir brought out memories of Christmas and cold winter evenings. See Details for our Christmas take on the classic G&T.

Presented in a vintage apothecary style bottle matched with a stylish label.

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  • 31D2248
  • spirits
Ingredients 50ml St George Terroir Gin 10ml apple juice Tonic water A lime and cloves... more


50ml St George Terroir Gin
10ml apple juice
Tonic water
A lime and cloves to garnish


Mix a little festive spirit into your G&T, with a splash of apple and a clove-studded lime.

Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour the St George Terroir gin and apple juice into the glass. Top up with tonic water.

For the garnish, make a clove-spiked lime wheel by piercing a whole lime at regular intervals and placing cloves in the holes. Then slice the lime, drop into the glass, and give a final, gentle stir.

Serve in a highball glass.

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