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Unusual rums

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Unusual rums

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  • Dead Man's Coconut Rum 70cl
  • Dead Man's Fingers Coffee Rum 70cl
  • Cloven Hoof Rum

    Cloven Hoof Rum

  • Spytail Black Ginger Rum
  • Overhoof Spiced Rum 50cl

5 Item(s)

Unusual Rum | 31DOVER.com

Unusual rums seek to test the boundaries in producing a product that is a little bit different to the norm and to take consumers outside their comfort zone. These are the fun rums, with kooky names, flavours and backstories.

Although a little weird and wacky, our unusual rums have managed to maintain a premium quality and taste that is inspiring others to test their creative boundaries in rum innovation.

That is why 31DOVER.com are proud supporters of the unusual spirits scene. We reach out to the little guys - so that you don't have to - and bring you some of the most delicious, unique bottles around.

You're not going to find these unusual treats in your local supermarket!