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Aged Rum

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Aged Rum | 31DOVER.com

Rum is a fermented and distilled spirit made primarily from sugarcane juices or byproducts like molasses. Initially a clear spirit, aged rum obtains its rich colours from being stored in oak barrels to mature.

Typically, these wooden barrels were used previously to store and age other spirits – such as bourbon, Scotch, cognac or sherry. If rum is aged in stainless steel tubs it can maintain its clear colouring. Barrel aged rums however, together with the distillation process and warm climate, will be darker in colour, richer in flavour, exceptionally smooth and mellower and more aromatic.

The term ‘aged rum’ can be applied to rums that have been aged for any amount of time longer than one year. Whilst this might not seem like a particularly lengthy ageing period, especially when thinking of aged whiskies, rum will mature at a far quicker pace due to the tropical climate. When categorising ‘aged rums’, we tend to think of rums that have underwent a significant ageing process, hence being much darker in colour than ‘golden’ rums. The cost of storage and the loss of some rum from the barrels through evaporation adds to the cost of producing aged rums making them rarer, and therefore more expensive. Premium and ultra-premium releases will always contain age statements.

In some cases, aged rum is allowed to blend and mature in another barrel for a second maturation. This rum is designated as “single barrel”. Occasionally distillers will top off their barrels with other rums of the same age, or, in the case of a “solera”, with rums that are one year younger.

Aged rum can therefore boast a full spectrum of flavours. From butterscotch, caramel and cinnamon to tropical fruits and tobacco, these rums are best enjoyed straight up or served on the rocks for casual sipping.