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Pussers Gunpowder Proof 70cl

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70-75cl (Standard) 31D2280
Pussers Gunpowder Proof 70cl

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The Royal Navy handed out their last ration of ‘Navy Strength’ rum to the fleet in 1970. A decade later Pusser’s bought the rights to the Admirality’s blending recipe and has been making the original Navy Rum ever since. Bottled at the same ‘gunpowder strength’ of 54.5% ABV, it’s the same sweet rum as the sailors on board her majesty’s ships would have drunk.

The blend consists of the six West Indian rums found in the original Navy Rum. The blend creates an incredible bold character with notes of molasses, treacle, and dried fruit, with a sweet vanilla finish. On the nose notes of Demerara sugar, leather and sultanas dominate. It’s surprisingly smooth for its strength, being compared more to a cognac than a rum.

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  • 31D2280
  • spirits
Rum, the drink of the sea. Before rum was discontinued on Royal Navy ships, it was the Pusser’s... more

Rum, the drink of the sea. Before rum was discontinued on Royal Navy ships, it was the Pusser’s job on board to hand out rations, or tots to the sailors. To prove it was up to strength and hadn’t been watered down, a small amount of gunpowder was added to the rum. If the gunpowder still ignited it was the correct ABV strength – Gunpowder strength. If it wasn’t? Well the Pusser often got thrown overboard for such an offence!

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