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Herradura Anejo 70cl

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70-75cl (Standard) 31D3154
Herradura Anejo 70cl

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Herradura has been producing tequila since it formally founded in 1870. They have come a long way since these humble beginnings, managing to maintain the superior quality of their tequila despite moving to a much larger scale of production.

This quality maintenance is mainly due to Herradura's knack for aging. Rather than rely on commercial yeasts to hasten fermentation, the company uses only naturally occurring airborne yeasts and lets the juice ferment for up to a week in its very impressive fermentation tank - it can hold over 1 million gallons of liquid!

Herradura has been proud to offer their delicious Anejo variety since 1962. Differing from other producers, Herradura barrels their anejo for twice as long as suggested by category standards. This gives the tequila a deep amber color and complex taste.

A beautifully pale gold tequila with a deliciously smooth, sophisticated palate. Expect toasted oak, cooked agave and dried fruit finish

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  • 31D3154
  • spirits
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