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Japanese Gin

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Japanese Gin

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  • Kokoro Gin

    Kokoro Gin

  • Roku Gin 70cl

    Roku Gin 70cl


    Jinzu Gin

  • Kuro Gin

    Kuro Gin

  • Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin
  • Nikka Coffey Gin 70cl

6 Item(s)

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In the world gin renaissance, the ability to capture the flavour of a country by its botanicals is gin's unique superpower - and the flora and fauna of Japan have certainly delivered, providing a smorgasbord of wonderfully exciting and exotic flavours: aromatic trees like silver birch, spruce and cypress; citrus fruits like yuzu, shequasar and amanatsu; cherry blossoms, green tea, sansho pepper and more. Combining the world’s most mixable spirit with the most obsession-inspiring cocktail culture - now that's an interesting proposition! These gins are produced with the meticulous attention to quality and innovation, that is, of course, a trademark of Japanese spirit production.