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  • Sipsmith London Cup
  • Edinburgh Gin 1670 70cl
  • Herno Gin 70cl

    Hernö Gin 50cl


    Jinzu Gin

  • Nikka Coffey Gin 70cl
  • Herno Juniper cask Gin 50cl
  • Anno Kent Dry Gin
  • Warner Edwards Sloe Gin

    Warner Edwards Sloe Gin 20cl



    save £3.00

  • Edinburgh Raspberry Gin Liqueur
  • Copperhead Barrel Aged Gin
  • 3 Pugs Bubblegum Gin 50cl
  • Grins Gin

    Grins Gin

  • Hoxton Pink Gin 70cl
  • Sharish Laurinius Oak Barrel Aged Gin
  • Bakewell Gin

    Bakewell Gin

  • No. 209 Gin

    No. 209 Gin

  • Thomas Dakin Gin
  • City of London Old Tom Gin
  • Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin
  • Nginious Summer Gin
  • The Old Curiosity Rose Gin
  • Malfy Gin 5cl

    Malfy Gin 5cl

  • Collagin miniature 5cl
  • Monkey 47 Gin 5cl
  • Bathtub Gin Magnum
  • Warner Edwards Elderflower Infused Gin 5cl
  • Copperhead Gin

    Copperhead Gin

  • Pinkster Gin

    Pinkster Gin

  • Elephant Dry Gin 5cl
  • Williams Elegant Gin 5cl
  • Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin 5cl
  • Tiger Gin

    Tiger Gin

  • Warner Edwards Sloe Gin Gift Boxed
  • Tarquin's Blackberry Gin
  • Sipsmith Sloe Gin
  • Sipsmith VJOP gin

    Sipsmith VJOP

  • Beefeater London Dry Gin
  • Pickering's Gin
  • Pickerings Navy
  • Pickerings Navy 5cl
  • City of London Sloe Gin

    City of London Sloe Gin



    save £4.00

  • Pickering's 1947 5cl
  • Pickering's Triple Tipple
  • Silent Pool Gin 5cl
  • Greenall's London Dry Gin
  • No. 209 Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Reserve Gin
  • Botanist 5cl

    Botanist 5cl

  • Saffron Gin

    Saffron Gin

  • The Lakes Gin with Gift Box
  • Whittaker's Gin

    Whittaker's Gin

  • JJ Whitley 5cl Selection 4x5cl
  • Williams GB Gin in a Tin
  • Bathtub Sloe Gin
  • Bathtub Navy Strength Gin
  •  Dodd's Gin 50cl

    Dodd's Gin 50cl

  • Pinkster Gin Bag in a box 300cl
  • 3 Pugs Duo

    3 Pugs Duo

  • Edinburgh Gin and Tonic RTD Cans 12x250ml
  • Newton House Gin 70cl
  • Tanqueray Gin

    Tanqueray Gin

  •  Malfy Citrus Duo
  • Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin
  • Gin Mare

    Gin Mare

  • Persian Blue Marshmallow Gin 50cl
  • Brighton Gin

    Brighton Gin

  • Alkkemist Gin

    Alkkemist Gin

  • Puertos de Indias Strawberry Gin
  • Kuro Gin

    Kuro Gin

  • Rock Rose Gin Summer Edition 2017
  • Boxer Gin

    Boxer Gin

  • Gordon's Pink Gin
  • Thomas Dakin Gin 70cl (Gift Boxed)
  • Sharish Blue Magic Gin
  • Brockmans Gin

    Brockmans Gin

  • Bloom Gin

    Bloom Gin

  • Martin Millers Westbourne Gin
  • Chase Pink Grapefruit Gin 50cl
  • Hoxton Gin

    Hoxton Gin

  • Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin
  • Rock Rose Gin

    Rock Rose Gin

  • Portobello Road No. 171 Gin
  • Jawbox Gin

    Jawbox Gin

  • Malfy Gin Con Limone
  • Kokoro Gin

    Kokoro Gin

  • Malfy Gin Rosa 70cl
  • Malfy Gin Rosa Duo
  • Whitley Neil Gin 70cl
  • JJ Whitley Elderflower Gin
  • JJ Whitley Nettle Gin
  • Liverpool Gin

    Liverpool Gin

  • Marylebone Gin

    Marylebone Gin

  • Whitley Neill Quince Gin 70cl
  • Broker's Gin

    Broker's Gin

  • King of Soho Gin
  • Langley's No. 8

    Langley's No. 8

  • Brooklyn Gin

    Brooklyn Gin

  • Ramsbury Gin

    Ramsbury Gin

  • Gin Mare Magnum

    Gin Mare Magnum

  • Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin
  • Silent Pool Gin (In Gift box) 70cl
  • Moonshot Gin

    Moonshot Gin

  • Rock Rose Seasons Collection 4x5cl
  • Citadelle Old Tom Gin 50cl
  • Xolato Chocolate Gin (X-Gin)


  • Kew Organic Gin 70cl (Gift Boxed)
  • Kew Explorers Gin 70cl
  • Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin
  • The Botanist Gin
  • Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur
  • Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur 5cl

    Hendrick's Gin

  • Nanbu Bijin Gin Ginga

    Nanbu Bijin Gin Ginga



    save £15.00

  • Zymurgorium Mandarin Dynasty 50cl

332 Item(s)

Show 18 per page

Gin | Next Day Delivery | 31DOVER.com

One of the most versatile drinks in the world

Gin is experiencing something of a renaissance right now, and we’re proud to bring you some of the best bottles and flavours in the world.
As it happens, during the Renaissance (a time of great thinking and creativity) gin was seen as a bit of a ‘cure-all’. At one point it was even believed to be a viable cure for the Black Death. Of course, it wasn’t.
Gin then became a bit of a medicine, a real therapeutic find in fact. The British Empire expanded, and as it did so, it ran into a variety of tropical diseases, including Malaria to mention just one. These tropical diseases were powerful, and doctors were puzzled as to how to combat the effects.
Quinine, derived from the bark of the cinchona tree, proved to have some impact against Malaria, but it was very difficult to stomach due to the bitterness of the taste. After a while, chemists realised that they could carbonate quinine, and then created the modern day tonic. And gin and tonic was born.
Gin and tonic is one of the most popular drinks in bars around the globe, and the clean taste is beloved by millions.

‘Dutch Courage’

Gin was responsible for the birth of this phrase. During the Thirty Year’s War in the 17th Century, British soldiers saw Dutch Soldiers drinking something called ‘Jenever’. And the phrase ‘Dutch Courage’ was created to describe the effect of the tipple before going into battle.

Good news about gin

Juniper berries are good for you. In fact, millions of people take supplements daily that contain extract of juniper. There are many things that juniper is good for, including battling infections, helping you to deal with a bad cough and tackling lung congestion. Gin has also been shown to help people who have arthritis, as well as containing antioxidants, reducing the impact of wrinkles.
Gin is also one of the least calorie heavy drinks out there, and it is great for your digestive system too, so bloating isn't going to happen.
Essentially, gin has many health benefits, and the presence of juniper alone is one of the most valuable aspects. On top of juniper though, the drink also contains many other natural ingredients, including nutmeg, sage and coriander.

Cocktails and gin

Gin is meant to be mixed, due to the herbs and spices inside it. This is why it's so often used as a mixer and is a staple of cocktails. The herbs and spices and other ingredients really come to life in a cocktail.
At the moment, there are more classic cocktails made with gin than with any other spirit. These Include The Tom Collins, The Alexander and The Silver Bronx.

Our gin

We love gin so much we’ve developed a product line that contains 51 different items. You’ll find all of the world’s best gins here, as well as some more specialized bottles you won’t see anywhere else.
Try Bloom Gin for example. This wonderfully delicious drink has chamomile as a starting point, which makes it light and floral, and a real treat for the senses. Add to this the fact that you have one of the most gorgeously designed bottles you will ever see, and it makes for a sweet and satisfying gift. It’s a treat for the eyes and the taste buds.
Elephant Gin is our pride and joy. Each bottle has been custom made, and the drink has been inspired by Africa, while being created in London. This gin is full of amazing scents and tastes, with juniper hitting you first. Then you will experience mountain pine as well as other subtle notes, all of which combine to give the drink it’s highly distinctive flavour and scent. This is a wonderful drink in other ways too. The company donates 15% of all it’s profits to two African elephant foundations.
For a fun slant on gin, try Pinkster. Created in Cambridge, this very dry gin uses local raspberries to develop that distinctive flavour, and the gin has had the unique honour of being voted the UK's 3rd favorite gin. Not bad for a gin that just wants to have fun.
Hayman’s Royal Dock is serious, Navy strength gin. This is 57% proof, and has a robust and very strong taste. The gin is still clean and refreshing though, and mixed with tonic, it makes for a very satisfying drink. The drink is the key ingredient of The Martinez cocktail, and is a sharp, cool gin that is certain to bring a spark to an evening.
Rock Rose gin is a real find, and the taste is certainly one that anyone can enjoy. Distilled by craftsmen in Scotland, the name of the drink comes from a rose that grows amongst rocks in the local area. The rose was meant to give vikings extra strength, and many warriors would search rocky outcrops to find the flower. Now, this drink has a lovely floral feel to it, and comes in a very attractive, distinctive bottle.

We can help

We are proud to offer such an extensive list, and are certain that you will find the gin you want here. There are also gift sets and ‘bar helpers’ that can make an evening go with a swing.
With that juniper ingredient that has incredible health benefits, and the fact that gin is one of the most popular mixers (and cocktail ingredients) on the planet, there is a lot to discover here. Stay a while, and find the gin variety (or varieties) that will fit into your life.
Remember, if you need even more advice on which gins to try, just get in touch. Our team are here to answer any questions you may have on gin or spirits in general. We’re experts, and we can help you become one too.