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Eden Mill Oak Gin 50cl

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50-65cl (Standard) 31D2502
Eden Mill Oak Gin 50cl

Eden Mill, Scotland’s only single site distillery & brewery, has looked backwards in order to look forwards with their Oak Gin

Oak Gin is A throwback to a bygone era, in the 19th century the most popular gin made on Eden Mill's site was stored in large oak barrels. This release is matured in oak-aged beer casks for a few weeks (so as to not overpower the spirit) and carries hints of vanilla and toasted caramel. To taste, Oak Gin has a much more balanced profile than the original Eden Mill Hop infusion, great for a Negroni.

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  • 31D2502
  • spirits
Tasting Notes Appearance: Light amber in colour with hints of bronze. Nose - A warming... more
Product information "Eden Mill Oak Gin 50cl"

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Light amber in colour with hints of bronze.

Nose - A warming oaky nose with fresh piney notes. Spicy green pepper and juniper overtones evoke hints of whisky. A fresh vanilla and caramel sweetness with hints of cloves and mandarin.

Key Botanicals: Juniper berries and aged oak chips.

Taste – Warming spice, soft vanilla, caramelised citrus driven by juniper and coriander seed. A cheeky, fruity twist to finish with the barrel-ageing adding depth.

About Eden Mill Distillery & Brewery

Founded by Paul Miller in 2012, Eden Mill sits within the old Guardbridge paper mill in St Andrews, Fife. The goal was to create cask beers and later single malt whiskies & gins that would use the best local barley and ingredients sourced from the bountiful Kingdom of Fife. In November 2014 work was completed on their unique still house making them the only single site distillery & brewery in Scotland. The distillery remains true to the founding principle of lovingly creating and crafting small-batch beers & spirits for an appreciative, select audience.

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