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Bath Tub Gin Cask Aged 50cl

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50-65cl (Standard) 31D2718
Bath Tub Gin Cask Aged 50cl

Bathtub Cask-Aged Gin from Ableforth's is made by taking tiny "octave" ex-bourbon casks and filling them with the multi-award-winning Bathtub Gin. The spirit is then aged for between three to six months before bottling.

Thanks to the large surface area to volume ratio of these small casks, interaction between gin and cask takes place more quickly and the spirit takes on complexity and flavour, resulting in a wonderfully spicy, rich and buttery gin.

Mellow on the nose, with rich juniper notes and soft caramelised orange, creamy soft butter and vanilla sweetness give a pleasant mouthfeel with juniper, orange cream and candied peel roll in and fade out slowly into the smooth, sweet, soft finish.

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  • 31D2718
  • spirits
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