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The Party Kit

The 31DOVER team are delighted to introduce our exciting new party package*. This complete kit offers all the products and services you need to throw a brilliant party at home for 15 people without the stress of organisation.

The party kit will include:

The party kit will include

A Barman for the evening

A good Soundtrack

A wide selection of Canapés

A Barman for the evening

Your personal Barman will be on hand to mix you a selection of 3 cocktails each. Please advise which 3 you would like to be served on the evening from the choice of the following:

Slice 1 - Image 1 Slice 1 - Image 2 Slice 1 - Image 3 Slice 1 - Image 4 Slice 1 - Image 5
Slice 2 - Image 1 Slice 2 - Image 2 Slice 2 - Image 3 Slice 2 - Image 4 Slice 1 - Image 5
Slice 3 - Image 1 Slice 3 - Image 2 Slice 3 - Image 3 Slice 3 - Image 4 Slice 1 - Image 5
Slice 4 - Image 1 Slice 4 - Image 2 Slice 4 - Image 3 Slice 4 - Image 4 Slice 1 - Image 5
Slice 5 - Image 1 Slice 5 - Image 2 Slice 5 - Image 3 Slice 5 - Image 4 Slice 1 - Image 5

Whiskey SourBourbon, egg white, lemon juice, bitters and sugar syrup to help you channel your inner Don Draper

31DOVERGin, honey syrup and Champagne – our signature cocktail

DaiquiriA mouth-watering Cuban concoction of Rum, lime juice and sugar syrup

Gin/Vodka MartiniClassic combination of Vermouth and Gin/Vodka

MargaritaThe iconic Mexican Tequila based cocktail, with a touch of Triple Sec and lime juice

We will provide all the ingredients, a mobile bar, glasshire and equipment.


The garden Catering

At The Garden we pride ourselves on providing ‘a fresh experience’ in catering. We have developed over the years a unique range of services to differentiate us from our competitors. We offer exclusive business catering, efficient sandwich delivery, a wide range of professional buffet catering services, and unique event catering and bar services.

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Guy Laurie

Having played his first nightclub at the young age of 16, Guy Laurie quickly moved up the ranks to become the clubs number one choice and has been rocking the masses ever since. Guy’s wide knowledge of music has enabled him to control any crowd, and has over the years been labelled as a DJ for almost every type of music, breaking the genre boundaries. His sets are known for their diversity, fluidity and flare, and his ability to easily change and adapt to different clubs, vibes and people has made him one of the top DJ’s on the scene.

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No party is complete without a good soundtrack and at 31DOVER we understand the importance of good music. Along with all the most important party essentials we will also be providing a mix from Guy Laurie.

*Due to the nature of this product please be aware we can only offer this service to limited locations, simply click the contact us button and one of our advisers will be able to discuss with you in detail and tailor the package to your needs.