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Allegedly named for the implement used to stir it, this screwdriver recipe is a simple but tasty cocktail that's great when you're waiting for your appetisers or as a mid-morning pick me up.

Due to its simplicity, there are many variants of the screwdriver recipe. Some use flavoured vodkas such as Jelley's elderflower vodka, V Gallery cucumber vodka or Absolut citron vodka. These add extra elements to the drink, as does a vanilla flavoured vodka. In addition, a good tip when making a screwdriver is to use a high-quality orange juice – a freshly squeezed and pulp-free orange juice is usually best.

If you add a tablespoon of Galliano to the mix, you have a Harvey Wallbanger.

The screwdriver recipe likely came about as a marketing campaign by Smirnoff in the late '30s, intended as a simple drink that almost anyone could make. It also capitalised on the increasing availability of ice, even at home, as well as the introduction of palatable (tinned) orange juice in the early '30s.



  • A highball glass
  • 1 double shot of Russian Standard vodka
  • Orange juice to top up
  • Ice
  • Orange slice to garnish

How to serve it

  • Fill the glass with ice and pour in the vodka.
  • Then add the orange juice, stir and garnish.