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Champagne Cocktail

Referenced in 1862 in Jerry Thomas’ book ‘How To Mix Drinks’ the recipe suggested rather incredibly, and, in The Barman’s view incorrectly, that the Champagne Cocktail should be shaken.

Immortalised in the film Casablanca, Victor Laszlo orders a Champagne Cocktail when he meets Berger.

The effervescing sugar cube at the bottom of the glass gives the cocktail an even sweeter kick.

Champagne Cocktail


How to serve it

  • Rub the brown sugar cube with lemon peel and add a few drops of bitters.
  • Place the sugar cube at the bottom of a Champagne flute.
  • Add Cognac then top up with Champagne.
  • Add a lemon zest twist to garnish.

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