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B52 Cocktail

A classic club shooter, this B52 recipe has inspired many slight variations, and it can also be served flaming with a few small tweaks.

Different versions of how the B52 came about appear in the cocktail literature, but there's no doubt that it became extremely popular in the late '70s and early '80s. When properly layered, it looks cool, and when served flaming, it looks even more awesome, although admittedly, alcohol, fire and drunk people is not always the safest combination. To properly layer drinks, you'll want a few pouring spouts on the bottles so that you can control the amounts going in.

B52 Cocktail


  • A double shot glass
  • 2/3 shot of Kahlua
  • 2/3 shot of Baileys Irish Cream
  • 2/3 shot of Grand Marnier

How to serve it

  • Pour in the Kahlua first, followed by the Baileys Irish Cream and Grand Marnier, in that order.
  • Serve immediately.

This B52 recipe works best if you trickle each layer on the side of the glass so that it just settles on top of each section. If you want to create a flaming B52, you will need to warm up the Grand Marnier first, or you could add a thin layer of overproof rum on top. However you'll need a metal straw and a fireproof glass. Another variant of this B52 recipe is shaken and then served in a cocktail glass, but this can cause the Baileys to curdle. Try substituting the Grand Marnier for Frangelico (a B51), Sambuca (a B53) or tequila (a B54).