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Products from The Fynoderee Distillery

The Fynoderee Distillery

Inspired by the heritage and culture of the Isle of Man, the name of Fynoderee Manx Bumbee Vodka derives from notable characters in Manx (Isle of Man) folklore. On the island tales of characters such Fynoderee, Buggane and Manannin have been told and retold for centuries: Bumbee is simply a Manx term for a bumblebee.

The Fynoderee Distillery is based in the north of this beautiful island and produces a delicious range of seasonal gins, as well as their Bumbee vodka which adds the tiniest touch of pure Manx honey to the finest redistilled high-quality grain spirit. Sipped neat it is velvety soft on the palate, with a smooth creamy finish.

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