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Remy Martin

From the finest grapes and distilling to careful ageing and expert blending, Remy Martin’s proud heritage dates back to 1724 in Cognac, France. In 1738 the young Remy, farmer and founder, received permission from King Louis XV to plant new vines, in recognition of the superior quality of this time-honoured beverage. Nearly three centuries later, in 1830, the company introduced the first champagne cognac and then, in the nineteenth century, expanded beyond Europe. Nowadays, the new-generation cellar master looks set to lead Remy Martin to an equally bright future.

Perfect for almost every occasion, VSOP quality makes Remy Martin an excellent aperitif. Its bouquet of floral and spicy aromas is at its best when mixed a little water or a couple of refreshing ice cubes. Served nearly frozen, it offers up a velvety texture in the mouth, perfect with seafood and shellfish. Then again, its versatility with brandy cocktails or as a classic cognac to round off the evening makes it a winning choice.

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