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Products from Copal Tree Distillery Ltd

Copal Tree Distillery Ltd

With a name inspired by ancient Mayan practices and an ethos centred around sustainability and community, the Copal Distillery strikes an impressive balance between rural and urban practices. In its name, the distillery draws inspiration from the surrounding Copal trees, the resin of which is historically popular for its mind and body purifying properties. The team’s progressive stance on eco-friendliness is remarkable, and they have worked hard to incorporate their zero waste ethos in everything they do. 

Since its opening in January ’16, Copal Distillery is not only the largest employer in Southern Belize, but it is renowned for its holistic approach to production. As well as their impressive environmental efforts, Copal Distillery donate tens of thousands of dollars a year towards high-school grants for local girls - a critical step forward in a society that favours boys’ education. Zero waste, zero profit; just call them the angels of the rainforest. 

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Copalli Single Estate White Rum 70Cl
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Copalli Barrel Rested Rum
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