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Products from Bruichladdich


Made from pure Islay spring water, Bruichladdich spirits are rich and aromatic, thanks to a careful trickle distillation process. Bruichladdich malt whisky hails from a small distillery on the Rhinns of the Hebridean Isle of Islay, in the clean air off Scotland's west coast.

Port Charlotte and Octomore unpeated single malt whiskies have a floral, fruity aroma. When diluted with just a few drops of water, natural flavours of wildflower and cherry blossom give way to pleasant notes of honey and tangerine.

Rooted in the island’s culture, the expert distillers also produce Botanist Islay dry gin. Gin lovers will appreciate this meticulous blend of no fewer than twenty-two hand-foraged wild and natural botanicals, which truly express the heart and soul of this remote isle. Founded by the Harvey brothers, Bruichladdich is part of the Remy Cointreau group, but the local team still makes up four-fifths of the company's headcount.

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