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We've all seen the "Will it blend?" series of YouTube videos so we thought we'd introduce a similar concept to our cocktails, asking the question, "Will it Coupe Stack?"

The coupe stack is a tower of six glasses, perfectly designed to stack on top of one another to allow the drink of choice (usually Champagne) to elegantly spill over the rims and fill up each glass with a theatrical waterfall effect.

coupe stack will it coupe stack bacardi cocktail

Very cool.

But, is it just a party-trick limited to Champagne?

Will it Coupe Stack? The Bacardi Old Cuban

The Bacardi Old Cuban, is a hybrid of a mojito and a Champagne cocktail, created by owner Audrey Sanders (the Libation Goddess) when she was shaking things up at New York's Pegu Club.

The cocktail is made with Bacardi Gold rum, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, Champagne, and garnished with fresh mint. With six glasses to fill, the original recipe has been modified to prepare six cocktails at once.

coupe stack bacardi cocktail recipe

INGREDIENTS (makes six)
- 300ml Bacardi Gold Rum
- 120ml Fresh Lime Juice
- 180ml Simple Sugar Syrup
- 6 dashes Angostura bitters
- 360ml Dry Champagne or Sparkling White Wine, Chilled
- Pack of Fresh Mint

In a large cocktail shaker, muddle mint and sugar, add ice, and shake half of the lime, simple syrup, and rum.
Pour the mixture into a pitcher, and repeat.
Top up with Champagne or Sparkling Wine and stir.
Stack up your coupe stack, and carefully pour the cocktail from your pitcher into the top glass of the stack. Keep pouring until all of the glasses are filled.
Garnish each glass with a few sprigs of mint, and enjoy!

There is an brilliant moment of suspense as the first glass starts to fill up, as the cocktail trickles over the side to fill up the next glass...

coupe stack will it coupe stack how to pour

A great way to kick off a dinner or drinks party with class and flair.

So will the Bacardi Old Cuban Coupe Stack?
Damn right it will coupe stack!

coupe stack how to coupe stack cocktail

The imagery and recipe for this post are adapted from a sponsored post that first appeared on gastronimista.com

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