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Under The Volcano Cocktail Video

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Jesse Estes of El Nivel - London's first agaveria - shows us how to make the Under The Volcano Cocktail, with San Cosme Mezcal...

You will need:
• 50ml San Cosme Mezcal
• 25ml fresh lemon juice
• 25ml green tea syrup
• A few drops of Absinthe
• 15ml egg white
Cocktail shaker and strainer
• Long glass
• Ice
• Soda water
• Lime zest
• Star anise

What to do:
• Shake the Mezcal, lemon juice, syrup, Absinthe and egg white together, first without ice, then with ice
• Strain into the glass filled with ice
• Top up with soda water
• Garnish with lime zest and a star anise

San Cosme Mezcal

"Hello and welcome to El Nivel, London's first Agaveria, and we're here today to make an Under The Volcano Cocktail using San Cosme Mezcal. We start with out San Cosme 50 mils, 25ml of lemon juice. Next we've got a homemade green tea syrup - 25 mils of that - and we're also gonna add a few drops of Absinthe in there just to give it an extra dimension, 15 mils of egg white."

"We're gonna dry-shake this, so no ice. So this time with ice. Strain over like so into the glass, finish it off just by topping it up with soda water, fresh lime zest and a star anise to finish it off. Under The Volcano with San Cosme Mezcal. Enjoy."

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