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The Ultimate List
of Funny Pub Signs

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The Ultimate List of Funny Pub Signs

We've made a list of the very best, alcohol-related funny pub signs - so you don't have to.

View our ultimate round-up of the silly and brilliant booze-related chalkboards,
spotted outside a pub near you.

1. The simple flowchart


funny pub signs have a drink

2. Reasons to drink wine


funny pub signs wine

3. Because vodka never lies...


funny pub sign vodka

4. That's our kind of soup


funny pub sign soup

5. We silent scream a lot on Mondays...


funny pub sign gin

6. The small things are very important


funny pub signs whisky

7. Because: salad


funny pub sign salad

8. And speaking of salad...


funny pub signs alcohol salad

9. Feedback encouraged, both positive and negative


funny pub signs rum

10. Never trust a camel


funny pub signs camel

11. Escape from reality


funny pub sign real life

12. Preach


funny pub signs whisky sunlight

13. What did you *THINK* they were referring to?!


funny pub sign rude

14. No hipsters allowed...


No hipsters allowed

15. And finally, yes, bacon is good... but beer is so, so much better


funny pub signs bacon solves problems

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