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The 8 TV Dads
of Father's Day

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The 8 TV Dads of Father's Day

It’s a universal fact: Dads are pretty great. (Ok, most Dads…)

Sure, they have their flaws, but this Father’s Day we’re arguing that Your Dad Deserves A Drink – whether it’s because he put you first, put up your shelves or put up with your stupid behaviour: say thanks with an excellent bottle of booze.

To help you decide on the perfect tipple for your Pa, we’ve taken inspiration from some of TV’s greatest and most memorable Dads. So whether your Father is a Phil, a Ned or a Marty, gift him something great this Sunday 18th June.


1. Uncle Phil - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Dad Skills: Accepting others into his family, being inspiring, encouraging his kids to do great things.

When Will Smith’s life got flip-turned upside down, he never thought he’d find a family in Bel-Air. But his Uncle Phil took the rebellious teen under his wing and, over the course of six seasons, showed that you don’t have to be someone’s biological father to be considered a father figure - for who could forget the moment when Uncle Phil consoled Will after his deadbeat father Lou walked out of his life for the second time?

Uncle Phil was also an excellent dancer, owned a seriously impressive range of sleeveless sweaters and proved to be quite the hustler in pool, and also in golf - where he, Will and Carlton won a yearly club tournament in 1996.

Father's Day Gifts - Drinks for Dads like Uncle PhilSo if, like Uncle Phil, your Dad is a golf-loving, fun-loving softie - despite a pretty stern parenting style - we recommend the obvious Golf Gin from Eden Mill; the music-inspired Jack Daniels Sinatra Select; or the rather excellent Remy Martin XO.


2. Phil Dunphy - Modern Family

Dad Skills: Finding the fun in everything, making up weird sayings, bonding with his kids by making equally questionable decisions...

Not many Dads make as much of a concerted effort to stay (hilariously) in the loop of their children’s life as Phil. A Dad who arguably tries just little too hard to be cool - with a love of hip-hop, abbreviating in texts (WTF = 'Why The Face?') and knowing all the dance moves to High School Musical - Phil is endearing because he isn't really like other dads: he was a pro cheerleader at college, but he loves NFL; he's a big kid around the home but is great at his job; he's fiercely protective of his kids and stopping them making bad choices, but then he does things like buy an alpaca because he’s “bad at making decisions under pressure”...

Father's Day Gifts for Dads like Phil Dunphy

If, like Phil, your Dad is a bit of a big kid, gift him with a light-up illuminating bottle of booze (cooool!) or choose Pick 'n Mix for the grown-ups and select from three miniature bottles, wrapped up in a gift box. Or, if like Phil he just wants to be a cool dad, buy him something to get him ahead of the trends that he can impress with when friends come over - Japanese whisky or even rum will make his drinks cabinet unique.

3. Homer Simpson - The Simpsons

Dad Skills: Trying (and often failing) to do the right thing, teaching his kids what matters most (albeit in an unorthodox way), making mistakes so his kids can learn from them (often unintentionally...)

Homer Simpson may fail at a lot of things, but, he never stops trying to be a good dad. His children always come first - epitomised in the episode where we flash-back to pre-Maggie's birth and Homer has to give up his dream job at the bowling alley and return to the Powerplant to be able to afford a third child, making the sign his boss puts up ("DON’T FORGET YOU’RE HERE FOREVER") to read instead "DO IT FOR HER" using some cleverly positioned pictures of Maggie. Awwww.

So sure, he's overweight, drinks a little too much, has occasional run-ins with the law and has been known to strangle his son... but Homer is a hands on dad who tries to do the very best for his kids - from pretending to be a robot to help Bart win a competition, to dancing around to Lisa's saxophone-playing, to clowning around to make his kids laugh and be happy.

Father's Day Gifts for Dads like Homer Simpson

Gift wise, the obvious choice would be a case of great beer, but for dads with a silly streak we suggest Flaming Pig cinnamon whisky liqueur; the pun-tastic Big Peat Malt Scotch; or the rather cheeky Scallywag whisky blend.

4. Rufus Humphrey - Gossip Girl

Rufus Humphrey Best TV Dad

Dad Skills: Brunch, bringing the family together, being a bit cool, rocking a corduroy jacket.

The Dad-crush of every noughties teenage girl, Rufus Humphrey - single dad in Brooklyn with his ex-rockstar credentials and excellent waffle-making skills - started out as a great TV dad. But as the series continued his cool dad credentials got a little lost as he became a kept-man and pined for the easy life. With an off-the-rails daughter and messy step-children situation, Rufus gave out some great advice, but didn't always abide by it himself...

Fathers Day Gifts For Dads like Rufus Humphrey

For Dads who like(d) to rock, Wines That Rock's Grateful Dead’s Steal Your Face is a nostalgic look back at the past. Brooklyn Gin is the choice for any wannabe upper-east-side dweller and an all-American Dad deserves an all-American whiskey - sip on Tincup for a seriously smooth drink (just like Pops).

5. Walter White - Breaking Bad

Dad Skills: hmmmm...

Whilst Breaking Bad is a show 'technically' about a father, one who got involved in the drug trade in the first place to provide for his family, we sure don't see a lot of fathering going on. Memorable as a TV Dad for the wrong reasons, when a mild-mannered school teacher and family man becomes a ruthless criminal mastermind and murderer he's hardly role-model material.

In "Phoenix," Walt holds his infant daughter in one arm as he peels back insulation with the other, revealing stacks upon stacks of cash, piled up inside the walls of their house. "See what your daddy did for you?" he coos. What certainly started with noble origins - the idea of providing for your family when you've gone - kind of ended disastrously.

Fathers Day Gifts For Dads like Walter White

So your Dad is not a meth-making maniac, but if he likes a little experimentation (albeit on the safe and legal side) gift Copperhead's Gin Alchemist pack, with its mix of bitters or the Singapore Sling Shaken Cocktail Set for a little at home alchemy. Or, for Dad's who might have a secret dark side, Copperhead's black batch gin is the more brooding alternative to it's Copper cousin.

6. Tony Soprano - The Sopranos

Dad Skills: Trying to protect his children from his life, being Father to his family and GodFather to 'the family'.

Another controversial inclusion, but as both a doting Father to his two kids, Meadow and AJ, and a Father figure of the largest organised crime family in New Jersey, Soprano ruled two distinct households. And whilst he ruled the criminal underworld with an iron fist, all he wanted for his children was that they were safe.

The original pitch for the first season of The Sopranos was “if one family doesn’t kill him, the other one will,” introducing us all to Tony Soprano as a man who was trying to balance his life in the mafia with his everyday life as the head of a nuclear family of four. Throughout the run of the show, Tony’s crime family drove much of the story, but his biological family was just as important. So we're not saying a murdering, thieving gangster was a great father, but he regularly dealt with situations and extreme adversity for the better of his children, dealing out advice, punishment and even the occasional line of wisdom.

For example, as punishment for stealing the sacramental wine from the church at his school, A.J. is grounded for three weeks. One night while doing his homework, he tells his Dad that he’s depressed. “You’re not depressed,” Tony assures him. “You’re angry at yourself because you did something stupid and you got caught.”

Fathers Day Gifts For Dads like Tony Soprano

So what to buy a Dad who's the Don? Don Papa Rum, Don Julio Tequila and Mr. Black's strong coffee liqueur for those late nights of dodgy activity that certainly isn't to do with a garbage business...

7. Marty Crane - Frasier

Dad Skills: Delivering earthy wisdom, bringing his sons down to earth, sarcasm

Marty Crane, Father to neurotic psychiatrist sons Niles and Frasier Crane, is a TV Dad that doesn't get enough acknowledgement. In the earlier seasons especially, most of the comedy stems from the culture clashes between the 'refined' sons and their blue-collar father, and the struggles between Frasier and Martin in sharing an apartment.

Martin has a complex and frequently difficult relationship with both his sons, who have little interest in the traditionally masculine pursuits that interest Martin, such as sports and outdoor activities, just as Martin himself finds little of interest in their pursuits, such as cooking, collecting antiques and opera. The dramatic irony of Frasier is that while Frasier and Niles may possess more intellectual knowledge than Martin, it is in fact Martin who is proven to be a wiser and more pragmatic individual.

Certainly, Martin possesses greater reserves of common sense and experience than his two sons, and while his sons may be trained in psychiatry, it is frequently Martin's advice in any scenario that is more sound. Their senses of superiority, stubbornness and neuroses frequently ensure that Frasier and Niles will disregard Martin's advice and blunder into chaos anyway. This can lead to Martin at times taking an almost gleeful delight in the misfortunes and downfalls of his sons, and he is often quick to point out that he told them so.

Fathers Day Gifts For Dads like Marty Crane

For down-to-earth Dads (who often really do know best) gift them the cheeky 'Old Sport' highland whisky, a traditional cognac, or with a nod to drinking ways of yore, gift a Navy-strength gin such as Pickering's - complete with furry beefeater hat.

8. Ned Stark - Game of Thrones

Dad Skills: Family values of honour, discipline, respect, plus wielding a sword, passing council and doing the best for his family.

Ned Stark was a far from perfect Father. But he tried. He was a loving and laid-back Dad, letting his young children be who they wanted to be. He allowed Jon to go the wall, secured Arya the means to learn swordplay rather than force her to be a 'lady', did his best to instil honour in Robb, and agreed to a dream marriage for Sansa.

But look at how that all turned out… But being a Dad means letting your children make mistakes, and prepare them for the big bad world. Which Ned did, or at least, tried to. And we do like a trier. Plus, he was pretty badass, chopping off heads, chowing down on meat and bracing the cold of the North.

Fathers Day Gifts For Dads like Rufus Humphrey

For manly Dads just like Ned, gift him the finest vodka in a crystal skull, a ghoulish golden ghost vodka bottle or Butcher's Gin - made with real meat.

Still need inspiration? Shop all Father's Day Gift Ideas, below:

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