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The Do's and Dont's
Of Halloween House Parties

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The Do's and Dont's Of Halloween House Parties


Halloween House Party hosting shouldn't be hard.
Serve great drinks, wear something suitably spooky and invite a group of friends who enjoy all things after-dark and debaucherous.


As The Unofficial Sponsor of Halloween House Parties we've even curated the very best spirits (the drinkable kind of course) Champagnes and wines that are fit for the occasion in our Halloween Edit.

But things can go wrong. So very wrong.

So we've pulled together a handy and helpful 22 point list of Do's and Don'ts to make sure that your Halloween House Party is a killer for all the right reasons.

1. DO make sure you send out invites to your awesome shindig well in advance. Or you can fully expect your big bash to turn into a creepy party for one…

2. DO dress well and be original.

3. DO be relevant and team up with friends. When it comes to costumes, think characters of Cluedo, Game of Thrones and Suicide Squad.

4. DON'T go bad taste. Horrible and tragic events are never funny. And DON'T think that carrying around a pumpkin means you’re in fancy dress. It doesn’t. Similarly, see below. Not cool.

5. DO remember that cultures are never costumes and DON'T opt for sexy.
Halloween isn’t an excuse to wear as little as possible and some animal ears.
This isn’t 2004.

6. DO take party and costume inspiration from classic movies: Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus,
Marvel Comics…

7. DON'T ask ‘so what/who are you supposed to be?’. Everyone thinks that their costume is obvious and the most epic costume ever so just go along with it (in front of them, at least).

8. DON'T be that guy who dresses as himself and calls it clever. It’s not.

9. DO embrace trick or treaters. You might otherwise end up well and truly ‘tricked’. Plus, its part of the fun, it should all be over before the party really starts, and is great for youngsters who open the doors to a full ghoulish gathering. That'll teach them...

10. DON'T give out anything other than sweets. You may lead the crusade against childhood obesity the other 364 days of the year, but Halloween is not the time or the place. And DON'T hand out healthy snacks. Or worse, money. Or worse still, wine.

11. DO make sure your own sweet bowls are stocked well.

12. DON'T serve terrible cocktails. An epic Halloween House Party involves great drinks, great friends and great times. Not terrible headaches and cheap homemade potions.



13. DON'T run out of food and drink. Dry old do’s are scary. Not in a good way.

14. DO keep an eye on that one person who might be the reason that you’ve ran out of all the food and drink…

15. DO go all out. It’s a one-time-a-year party.
Not a Friday night of Netflix and chill.

16. DO have party games. Halloween was made for them.

17. DO make the pets scary

18. DON'T make the pets scared…

halloween house party dont scare the pets

19. DO make a killer playlist. We’re talking a little Michael Jackson, Blue Oyster Cult “Don’t Fear the Reaper”, Meatloaf’s “Bat Out of Hell”, Ghostbuster and Beetlejuice theme tunes, “Creep” by Radiohead, “Zombie” by the Cranberries, “Ghost Town” by the Specials, “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads and even a little throwback to one of the best Halloween themed videos of the 90s, the Backstreet Boys “Everybody” (Yes, we went there.)

20. DON'T just play Thriller on loop.

21. DO have space for dancing. That killer playlist needs proper appreciation.

22. DO remember, that when the sun comes up November 1st, it’s all over.
Until next year…

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