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A Taste of Christmas

Christmas - a time for giving and a time for sharing... drinks, all of the drinks!

Now, we're not telling you what the values of Christmas are, or should be - after all, we're probably a little biased on the whole drinking thing (just a little). But you can't deny that Christmas just isn't Christmas without all the wonderful seasonal tastes and tipples. In fact, it's hard not to get a little 'wrapped up' in them all.

Whilst there are some Christmas tastes that we would rather not think about - most of them linked to that particularly heavy night at the office party - many of the tastes of Christmas can transport us back in time, back to the nostalgia of log fires, full stomachs and the wonderful melodies of George Michael... just us?

So, give yourself a very 'merry' Christmas this year by experiencing some of the best Christmas tastes that booze has to offer.

Take a peak at our sack-full of festive flavoured tipples - perfect for sharing, or enjoying all to yours-elf. (sorry, we'll stop now).

Mulled Wine - Amancaya Malbec Cabernet

You can't always rely on global warming to keep you toasty this time of year. Sometimes your best bet is to heat up a winter warmer, snuggle up in a blanket, flick on Scrooged for the 8th Christmas in a row and enjoy a night in.

With so many winter warming recipes out there, you're likely to be left 'mulling' over which one to pick. If you're in the mood for a modern twist on tradition, try out our 'Red Wine Hot Chocolate' and for the more conventional, turning that bottle of Red into a mulled treat is one of the simplest tastes of Christmas.


Whilst you can't really go wrong when heating red wine with some spices, Jared Weinstock suggests that if you are going to make mulled wine, use something that has a relatively high ABV, with lots of fruity notes, and high in tannins.

That's why we've picked the fantastic Amancaya Malbec Cabernet. This is a sturdier and fruitier wine that can withstand a bit of heat without the aromatics or too much alcohol burning off. The fruity touches also complement some of the spiced flavours without the wine's notes becoming drowned by the spices.

Brandy - Carlos I Solera Gran Reserva XO

Whether sipped calmly as a snifter, added a bit too generously to some eggnog, or burning furiously on your Christmas pud - which, let's be honest, is the only good thing about a Christmas Pudding - brandy is very likely to feature this Christmas.

But brandied eggnog to accompany a brandied Christmas pudding, which is covered in brandy sauce, followed by a final glass of, you guessed it! brandy, well... if you want to experience all these tastes of Christmas you're just going to need to make sure that you use damn dandy brandy!


That's why, in order to save you and your family any Brandy related traumas (a common occurrence), we suggest this year that you use Carlos I Solera Gran Reserva XO. With an intense dark amber colour and a palate that is very elegant, with notes of liquorice and a silky-soft, slightly smokey character, you can never have too much.

Simply one of the best, most satisfying brandies on the market, enjoy neat - but feel free to put it in everything else as well.

Champagne/Prosecco - Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco

Nothing says celebration more than a good bottle of bubbly! But after all that chocolate, turkey and God knows what else, we can sometimes feel a little bit ashamed to start cracking open the fizzy bottles to add to the calorie intake. That's why Thomson & Scott gave us a very early Christmas present this year with their extremely popular Skinny Prosecco.


With fluffy, effervescent bubbles and the sort of dry yet refreshing taste you expect from top quality Prosecco, this really is guilt-free sipping at its finest - especially when you consider that a glass has less calories than a banana! Sin-free sipping at its finest. Leaving plenty of room for the chocolate, mince pies, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets (we could go on...)

Sloe Gin - Williams Aged Sloe & Mulberry Gin

Not everything needs to be a celebration this time of year. Why not sit back and sloe down this Christmas with a returning favourite; sloe gin.

That's right, not just for your old gran to sip on while she tells you how handsome you are in your new knitted sweater, sloe gin is a back at the top of the cool-o-meter. (Sadly, your knitted sweater isn't. Sorry grandma).


We suggest using William Chase's aged sloe & mulberry Gin this Christmas. Gloriously warming, serve neat as an accompaniment to a cheese board or as an Autumnal G&T. It’s also a great addition to mulled wine, garnished with orange and star anise. We've swapped out the port and are sipping it sloe instead. You should too.

If you're still not convinced sloe gin is for you this Christmas though, why not have a look at our
in-gin-ious sloe gin post to find your perfect sloe-mate.

Mince Pies & Peppermint - Two Birds Christmas Gift Pack

Mince pies and candy canes, is there anything more Christmassy? Probably, but none of them work quite as well in vodka as these two flavours do. At least, that's what Two Birds found out when they created their fantastic Christmas gift pack which contains the unique Christmas Spiced Vodka and After Dinner Mint Vodka. A winter dinner party must-have.


Firstly, their Christmas Spiced Vodka is guaranteed to give you your yearly dose of festive flavours. Expect mixed spices, dried fruits, cinnamon and nutmeg. The only Christmas taste that's missing in this is turkey... but we suggest you just stick to eating that. (Eugh, Turkey vodka...)

Follow up your meal with the Two Birds After Dinner Mint Flavoured Vodka. A taste that replicates After Eight chocolate but with a vodka kick to finish. Really, the only way to end your Christmas day - other than passed out on the sofa, of course.

Want more? Keep an eye out for more Christmassy posts coming soon, including our favourite Christmas cocktails and eggnog recipes that are actually tasty...

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