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Spotlight on:
Outerspace Vodka

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Spotlight on: Outerspace Vodka

Outerspace Vodka Touches Down in the UK!

You asked. So we've delivered. After tracking down the elusive Outerspace Vodka folk, the cult American brand will be available at 31Dover.com from Wednesday 12th April.

If you haven't yet heard of Outerspace Vodka, and are wondering what all the fuss is about, then read on...

Outerspace Vodka

Outerspace Vodka is an an ultra smooth and clean, five-times distilled American Vodka.

So far, so normal.

First up, the vodka is made with 100% Iowan corn. The US is ranked first in the world in corn production, with Iowa the key state player. This corn is grown, harvested and turned into spirit by farmers who really know their stuff.

But a corn vodka is hardly groundbreaking...

No. It's not. But what IS groundbreaking, is filtering this corn spirit through a 4-billion-year-old meteorite... Outerspace vodka is filtered five times for clarity and smoothness, with the final stage of filtration through a meteorite. So when we say the taste is out of this world, we mean it. Literally.

Outer Space VodkaA vodka created through harnessing the power of otherworldly elements is something that has intrigued vodka fans, sci-fi fans and not forgetting fans of a unique bottle. Because great taste aside, it is the green glass 'alien head' bottle that has really captured global attention.

Attracting something of a cult following among consumers and on social media, Outerspace Vodka bottles have been photographed touching down at famous sites across the globe - from Big Ben in London to the Seven Magic Mountains in Las Vegas, and everywhere in between.

outer space vodka londonLaunched in the US just 18 months ago, the brand is now available in 42 states and has gone on to sell over 40,000 cases. So, all that's left to do is taste it...

100% Gluten-free | Corn Vodka | 5 x Distilled | Meteorite Filtered| SIP Gold Award | #outerspacevodka

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