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Spotlight on:
Steel Bonnets

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Spotlight On: Steel Bonnets

The relationship between England and Scotland has been somewhat - fruitful- throughout history but amid all the controversy, there’s one distillery that is choosing to embrace the differences. Nestled in the heart of the Lake District, the well-renowned Lake Distillery has introduced a newcomer, Steel Bonnets, to their portfolio of classic whiskeys. Steel Bonnets is the world’s first ‘unique union’ of English and Scottish whiskies, combining two exceptional spirits to make an extraordinary one.

Steel Bonnets

The whisky pays homage to the history of the Border Reivers, and no, I’m not talking about wild and uninhibited party-going ravers. I’m talking about the name given to communities on the Anglo-Scottish border who refused to identify as either Scottish or English. A combination of English and Scottish, The Reivers fought along the Anglo-Scottish border for a shocking three centuries before peace was declared in 1606. And the term “Steel Bonnets” was coined to describe the unique helmets that were worn during battle.

Heard of Neil Armstrong or President Richard Nixon? Aside from soaring to great heights in their professions, they’re actually both proven to be descendants of the Reivers. Nixons and Armstrongs were amongst the surnames of those who fought (if you’re curious about yours, you can take a peek at this link to see the full list of surnames) I could go as far as to say that buying a bottle would practically be honouring your ancestors… but… I won’t..

Despite this poignant history, The Lake Distillery, which is just 35 miles from the border itself, is sure encouraging some positive thinking. Similar to its sister, The One, which is made using a blend of whiskies from all over Britain, Steel Bonnets instead combines the finest Scotch and English whisky, celebrating the differences between the two nations instead of fighting them.

It’s a heartwarming story and tipple, and many seem to agree - the whisky won the gold medal in the world whisky ultra-premium category at the 2018 Spirits Business awards. Yes, Steel Bonnets is certainly a force to be reckoned with. And at 46.6%, it isn’t for the faint-hearted - just those who want to sip on something strong, tasty and reminiscent of the courage of the border families.

But how does it taste? Smokey, nutty and fresh fruit create a dynamic nose, and on the palate, spicy notes from ginger and nutmeg balance the smoother vanilla and fruity overtones. The full-bodied, creamy single malt whiskey is recommended drunk neat.

What’s more, when you purchase a lovely bottle of Steel Bonnets through our site, we’re offering the chance to win an overnight trip and tour around the Lakes Distillery. You’ll get to dine and kip at the nearby Trout Hotel in Cockermouth - all worth over £1000. To enter, buy a bottle of Steel Bonnets. Good luck!


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