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Sollasa, the perfect pairing for Indian cuisine


When it comes to dining, the perfect drink pairing is important and can enhance the whole dining experience. A steak is extra succulent with a structured cabernet, or a seafood platter is exquisite with a crisp sauvignon, but when it comes to Indian food there seems to be a gap. Beer has often been shoehorned in to fill it, but Sollasa believes that this cuisine deserves much better. 

With the help of leading chefs, mixologists and food scientists, brothers and founders Vishal and Sajag Patel explored the complexities of Indian food, to create a drink which would pair perfectly. The result, Sollasa, a well balanced and refreshing spirit, which enhances the vibrancy of Indian cuisine.


On the palate find fresh flavours of orange zest, lime and lychee with herbaceous mint and basil. The finish is fragrant with the spice of coriander seeds and cardamom, and a pinch of sea salt.


This citrus forward spirit is perfect as an aperitif or delicious while you dine. As an alternative to gin, try a Solassa and tonic, it’s less than 100 calories and half the alcohol than a glass of wine, so you get all the taste but less of the guilt.


Strike while the curry’s hot and give Sollasa a try, it’s the perfect pairing to handle the spice.

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