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Trending: Salted
Caramel Tequila

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Trending: Salted Caramel Tequila

Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila is the drink you never knew you needed. But you totally do.
Here's why:

Tequila has something of a bad rep.

Its association with hazy memories involving too many shots, licking salt and biting down on citrus wedges - usually in a questionable student-filled location - means that many don't return to the spirit.

But this reputation is undeserving.

Things are starting to change...

Firstly, the sipping tequilas - the stuff of super high-quality, crafted using age-old artisan techniques in Jalisco and made with only the purest blue agave heart - are becoming more mainstream. Consumers have found the secret in supping rather than shotting and a fine tequila can be enjoyed as per whiskies, cognacs and aged rums.

Secondly, tequila has gotten more playful. The huge success of Cafe Patron proved that experimentation with flavours was no bad thing - and it didn't have to mean a compromise on quality.

Enter Carnival: the salted caramel tequila.

salted caramel tequilaFar from being a gimmick, this is a stylish blend of top-quality tequila combined with the velvety soft, buttery flavour of caramel, and a dash of salt. It makes tequila an enjoyable sipping experience when served neat, but it's also the twist your tequila-based cocktails have been missing.

But what does it taste like?

Sweet, salty and incredibly smooth, this is an intriguing spirit with a flavoursome kick. Enjoy notes of caramel, soft toffee popcorn and sea salt with touches of toasty, slightly smoky agave.

How should I drink it?

Sip chilled over ice to explore the nuanced flavour profile; add a shot to Champagne for a Bellini alternative; colder months call for an added shot to hot chocolate or coffee; drizzle over chocolate based desserts and vanilla ice cream for sweet desserts; or try in one of the cocktails, below.


salted caramel margaritaIngredients:
35ml Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila
25ml Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila
Topped up with Fresh lime Juice

Coat the rim of a margarita glass with sugar syrup and dip in half sugar, half salt. Shake the tequilas together over ice and strain into the glass. Top with fresh lime juice and add a lime wheel to garnish.


rum quila cocktailIngredients:
25ml Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila
25ml Rum Chata
30ml Fresh Pineapple Juice

Shake the ingredients over ice and pour into a rocks glass. Dust with cinnamon and garnish with a pineapple wheel and a cherry.


spirits and bubbles cocktailIngredients:
25ml Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila
Topped in up in a flute glass with prosecco or Champagne

Add the tequila to a flute glass and top with sparkling wine of choice. Garnish with a strawberry and optional splash of grenadine for colour.

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