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Pimm's Royale & Strawberries For Wimbledon

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Pimm's and Champagne are the drinks to quench your thirst during Wimbledon. Which to choose? No need! Whack them both in a glass, to make a Pimm's Royale, which is basically a normal Pimm's punch but with bubbly instead of lemonade. You'll need that other Wimbledon essential, too - strawberries.

Pimm's Royale

Per glass

25ml Pimm's No. 1
150ml Champagne (or other sparkling wine)
Strawberries, mint, cucumber, apple etc. Strawbs are the only crucial one.


Pour the Pimm's into the bottom of a Champagne flute, top up with fizz and garnish with your choice of fruits and herbs. The more stuff you ram in there, the more summery flavours you'll get, but you won't taste the Champagne as much. Max out and enjoy with strawberries and clotted cream.

Game, set and match.


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