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  • Grey Goose La Poire

    Keen  to explore the delights of our largest spirits category Vodka, I've been mulling over the fantastic looking Grey Goose bottle at 31Towers  for several weeks and asking myself why I never drank Vodka.

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  • Apocalypse Now

    In a delayed nod to the anti-climax of the Mayan Apocalypse we have taken on an exclusive range of premium Californinan wines with the very best French pedigree.

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  • A visit to Sipsmith's

    Distilling in small batches using traditional methods might not be the most efficient way to make spirits, but the team at Sipsmith's in Hammersmith do things the old fashioned way. 

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  • Food & Wine Matching

    Wine can be an indimidating topic at the best of times with all sorts of stuffy rules you either don't know or aren't brave enough not to follow.

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  • Blogger Launch Party

    What better way to spread the word of a brand new online retailer than inviting a bunch of people with an amazing presence in the blogosphere, especially those who write about food, drink, lifestyle and culture.

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  • Launch

    2nd January was the official ‘soft’ launch day for us, the exciting day 31DOVER went live. The first week has mainly consisted of testing the site to try unearth any teething problems which we knew would be inevitable.

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  • British Vodkas and their Distilleries

    Vodka is a drink that's commonly associated with Russia and Eastern Europe...
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  • Getting ready for launch

    After months of excruciating waiting laced with red tape issues and the stuff of nightmares for any start-up, the end (or shall I say beginning) is in sight. 

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  • Filming

    Shortly on completion of the photo shoot, next on the 31Dover hit list was the ‘how-to’ videos. 

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  • Bottles Photoshoot

    A week later I arrive again at Si’s studio once more to begin the photography shoot of the bottles of spirits, champagnes, wines and beers. 

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