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  • British Vodkas and their Distilleries

    Vodka is a drink that's commonly associated with Russia and Eastern Europe...
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  • Getting ready for launch

    After months of excruciating waiting laced with red tape issues and the stuff of nightmares for any start-up, the end (or shall I say beginning) is in sight. 

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  • Filming

    Shortly on completion of the photo shoot, next on the 31Dover hit list was the ‘how-to’ videos. 

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  • Bottles Photoshoot

    A week later I arrive again at Si’s studio once more to begin the photography shoot of the bottles of spirits, champagnes, wines and beers. 

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  • Cocktail Photoshoot

    I’m Chikay, a part of the marketing team at 31DOVER and I’ll be documenting the exciting journey and course of events in the run up to the launch of the website.

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