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Need to know: Tequila for Cinco De Mayo



Need to know: Tequila for Cinco De Mayo

Ah Cinco de Mayo. That really-not-very-well-known-but-still-totally-awesome Mexican celebration that signifies the date the Mexicans beat back the French in that battle no one can remember the name of, but that definitely took place on May 5th 1862.


But really, it's an excuse for a party. And any good Mexican party calls for Tequila.

So, not that we really needed an excuse, but this May raise a glass of the nation's favourite tipple in honour of Cinco De Mayo (or just the fact that Tequila is great) and impress party guests (or anyone who will listen really) with your Tequila knowledge: handily arranged in an infographic by the kind folk at Lemonly.

Tequila Facts For Cinco De Mayo

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