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Mother's Day Drinks
Gift Guide

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Mother's Day Drinks Gift Guide

Is she a cool mum, girly mum or soon to be mum? Our Mother's Day Drinks Gift Guide has a selection of drink options for all kinds of mums!


For mums who identify more with Victoria Beckham and Victoria's Secret than Victoria, once-Queen of England, we've a selection of drinks that look good, but also taste great. Inspired by the Etro catwalk collection, the limited-edition Disaronno release is our top choice for the fashion-loving mum with a sweet tooth. For a pricier purchase, the Veuve Clicquot Clutch doubles up as a bag (nifty) or the Ribbon Birdcage that accompanies the deliciously fruity Laurent Perrier Rosé is a beautiful homeware addition

  1. Drink gifts for fashionista mumVeuve Clicquot Yellow Label Clutch, £52.95 / 2. Disaronno Wears Etro, £15.95 / 3. Laurent Perrier Rose Ribbon Birdcage, £69.95 / 4. Roberto Cavalli Chameleon Edition Vodka, £42.95


Girly mum might fit the stereotype, but she doesn't care because pink gin tastes so damn good. Whether it's Edgerton's pomegranate wonder, or the delicious Rhubarb gin from Warner Edwards, girly mum is won over not just by the colour but the taste. Treat her to a little luxury with the copper encased Beau Joie pink Champagne or take a break from all things blush with one of our top floral gins.

  1. Drink gifts for girly mumsSilent Pool Gin, £34.25 / 2. Edgerton Pink Gin, £24.25 / 3. Beau Joie Rose Champagne £122.95 / 4. Rock Rose Gin, £33.95 / 5. Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin 20cl, £19.95


If she loves the great outdoors, the garden and the blooming British countryside, there's a fitting tipple just for her. Choose from Tiptree (of the jam fame) Damson Liqueur, the fruity Givinty Raspberry gin liqueur or Chase's fresh Elderflower Liqueur - all delicious additions to a glass of something sparkling, or sipped neat over ice after a brisk country walk.

  1. Drink gifts for country mumsLanique Rose Liqueur, £26.95 / 2. Chase Elderflower Liqueur, £19.95 / 3. Givinity Raspberry Liqueur, £29.95 / 4. Tiptree English Damson Liqueur, £24.95 / 5. Hendrick's Gin Enchanter Gift Set, £32.95


Cool mum likes her vodka neat, ice cold and served out of a magnum crystal head skull. Cool mum drinks cold-pressed coffee liqueur. Cool mum sips put of golden pineapple glasses. And super cool mum has a matching sailor jerry tattoo to match the limited edition rum bottle wrap. Cool mum takes no nonsense. A bit like these libations.

  1. Drink gifts for cool mumsPineapple Shot Glasses, £32 / 2. Sailor Jerry Limited Edition Bottle Wrap - Lady, £20.95 / 3. AU Vodka, £34.95 / 4. Mr. Black Cold Pressed Coffee Liqueur, £29.95 5. Crystal Head Aurora Magnum, £149.95


Is she "watching her weight" but still likes a drink? Does she enjoy Saturday morning yoga and kale smoothies, but still wants to unwind? Gift her FAIR's superfood liqueur made with Acai berries, or the super smooth fat-free fair-trade QUINOA vodka... These low sugar, low calorie drinks do good and look great. Bit like mum.

  1. Drink gifts for healthy mumsThomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco, £17.95 / 2. FAIR Quinoa Vodka, £31.95 / 3. Twisted Halo Vodka Cocktail, £2.70 / 4. Skinny Lemon Mixer, £2.10 / 5. FAIR Acai Berry Liqueur, £17.95


For wanderlust mums who've literally "been there, done that" gift them something worthy of their wordly wisdom. A whisky not from Scotland - but as good as any Scotch they may have sipped on their travels - a single malt from Taiwan. Or a gin-sake hybrid. Or a gin that donates profits to save the African elephants. Or a gift pack that includes a luggage tag and passport holder, should their tastebuds not be quite as adventurous as they are.

  1. Drink gifts for traveller mumsMartin Miller's Dry Gin Passport Holder & Luggage Tag gift set, £29.75 / 2. Jinzu Gin, £32.95/ 3. Kavalan Single Malt Tiawanese Whisky, £54.95 / 4. Elephant Gin, £29.25 / 5. Reyka Icelandic Vodka, £26.95


Everyone’s still on about gin, but Rebel mum knows that pink vermouth and tonic is the only drink to be seen with. Rebel mum drinks her Champagne with ice cubes. Rebel mum takes carry on cocktail kits on the aeroplane. Rebel mum doesn't live by the rules. And neither do these drinks.

  1. Drink gifts for rebel mumsHennessy VS Cognac Scott Campbell Edition, £33.95 / 2. The Moscow Mule Carry on Cocktail Kit, £19.95 / 3. Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne, £49.95 / 4. Belsazar Rose Vermouth £16.95


If she's off the booze, there's still plenty of great gifts for Mother's Day. Seedlip introduce the world's first 'non-alcoholic spirit' with this duo of their Spice 94 and Garden 108 the perfect alternative to gin and/or vodka for pregnant mums. Sip on premium flavoured tonics that taste great on their own and, when the baby does arrive, make sure that any corks that are popped to welcome the new addition are kept forever in the bubbly bauble. Hooray for mums!

  1. Drink gifts for soon to be mumsThe Seedlip Duo (save £5) £52.95 / 2. Four 1724 Premium Tonic Waters & Bar Spoon, £6.95 / 3. The Bubbly Bauble - Pink £19.95 / 4. Double Dutch Cranberry Tonic £1.25 / 5. Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic, £1.70

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