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Is this the most
British Gin, ever?

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Is this the most British Gin ever?

Is this the most British Gin, ever?

Williams GB Gin is on a Great British Gin Tour, travelling all around, err… Great Britain.

So as the Chase team venture from Land’s End to John O’Groats (or, near enough) showcasing this rather brilliant spirit, straight from their field-to-bottle distillery, we ask: “What makes this British Gin so great?”

Williams GB Extra Dry Gin is Britain’s first single-estate gin.

Williams GB ginBut what does that mean? Most gin distilleries buy in their base spirit and then re-distil this with a whole host of botanicals, herbs and spices. And there’s nothing wrong with that. They focus solely on the science of flavour to bring you tasty and interesting gin releases. But in order to create the actual base alcohol, one needs all kinds of equipment, the space to host this equipment and not least, a LOT of farmland, in order to be able to grow, harvest and distil the natural produce.

The Chase distillery has farmland in abundance. Which means they grow from scratch the produce used in their base spirit. They then distil it to make their award-winning vodka and re-distil with wild botanicals to create the GB Gin. Finally, they bottle it all up – meaning every stage of the process - from “field to bottle” – takes place on one, single estate.

Williams GB Extra Dry Gin is not your ‘normal’ grain-based gin.

williams gb gin best british ginWhat we mean here, is that the produce used to create the aforementioned “base spirit” for gin is usually a grain of some kind: wheat, rye, barley etc. Williams GB gin, however, is made from potatoes.

Yep. Potatoes!

The distillery grows, picks and distils with care three types of potato to create their creamy, smooth Chase potato vodka. And it takes a whopping 250 potatoes just to make ONE bottle of Chase vodka (which is then redistilled into GB Gin).

Sumptuous, smooth and creamy - potato vodka proved a little trickier to turn into an outstanding gin. The Chase team originally experimented with apples to make a gin, distilling this to create their naked vodka, and in turn the Elegant 48 Gin (so named because 48 types of apple are used). But potatoes are at the heart of the Chase brand, and they came back to them to experiment further to make a gin that will compete with the juniper-led London-style big hitters.

Williams GB Extra Dry Gin uses double juniper

Williams GB gin juniperEvery gin uses juniper berries as one of the botanicals – it’s what gives gin the distinctive taste. Williams GB Gin however uses juniper buds too, making sure that the gin is extra dry, crisp and fresh with a punchy juniper led, robust flavour profile. A proper gin for gin drinkers. Spiffing.

Williams GB Extra Dry Gin makes a proper Great British G&T

Williams GB Gin and tonic50ml Williams GB Gin over ice in a rocks glass, gently stirred and topped with premium tonic is the simplest, easiest way to enjoy this iconic spirit. Garnish with a slice of green apple for a British twist, or pull out citrus notes with a wheel of lemon and fresh slices of ginger.


So, is this the most British Gin ever? We’ve argued why it might be worthy of the title, but you’ll simply have to buy a bottle and make your own mind up…

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