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The Migration Cocktail Video

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Mixologist Robbie Hitchcock shows us how to make his cocktail, called The Migration, at the VIP Lounge of Opium, in London's Chinatown.

You will need:
• 35ml Grey Goose Vodka
• 20ml Patrón XO Cafe Tequila Liqueur
• 10ml hazelnut syrup
• 40ml freshly made espresso
Cocktail shaker
• Chilled Martini Glass
• Chocolate & grater

What to do:
• Shake all wet ingredients together in the shaker
• Pour into the Martini glass
• Top with grated chocolate.

Patrón XO Cafe

"Hi I'm Robbie Hitchcock, coming to you from Opium in Chinatown in London, and I'd like to demonstrate to you a drink called The Migration. It's a cocktail served straight up, using elements of Grey Goose and Patrón XO Cafe. How we're gonna make this is by taking the Grey Goose - a good 35 mil measure, which is between a single and a double measure of Grey Goose Vodka - and I'm gonna add in 20ml of the Cafe Patrón XO, and followed by a little bit of hazelnut syrup, which is about a dash or 10 mils.

"Follow that up with a good 40 mil hit of freshly made espresso, all into the shaker. Give it a good old shakeup. And we're gonna add it to a chilled Martini glass. And I just want to finish it off with some West Indian chocolate, freshly grated on top. And that's it. Vodka from France and using Patrón Tequila from Mexico - that's the reason it's called The Migration; hot to cold, and cold to hot."

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