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Making Waves with Neptune Rum

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Making Waves with Neptune Rum

Eyes on the horizon! A new and delicious golden rum recently washed up on UK shores and it's been making huge waves in the international rum scene…or should we say, sea-ne.

Created in partnership with the world’s foremost producer of rum, Four Square Distillery, Neptune Rum has already earned itself the prestigious title of highest awarded rum on the high seas, with over 40 prestigious awards to date – that’s a ship load of awards!

And it’s easy to understand why…

Named after the old Roman god of the ocean, and not the eighth planet in our solar system (although this rum is totally out of this world), Neptune harks back to the golden age of rum when distillers took the utmost pride in their work.

Created using only the purest sugar cane molasses and absolutely none of the nasty additives usually found in modern rum production (colourings, flavourings, added sugar etc.), Neptune is truly as honest and authentic as rum can be. Which is no surprise, considering the rum was distilled by fourth generation rum master, and owner of Four Square Distillery, Richard Seale. AKA: A very big deal!

Determined to create the smoothest spirit possible, Richard utilized both smooth pot and column stills during the distillation process – before ageing the rum in American Bourbon Oak casks for up to eight years! Not that it needed that long, mind you. The unique climate of the Caribbean means Neptune matures far quicker than normal, making it more closely resemble the style of a very aged (XO) rum – just without the hefty price tag!

The final part of Richard’s distillation process is a super-top-secret method, totally unique to Neptune rum. It’s all pretty hush-hush, so all we can tell you is that it involves rare soft spring water sourced from a secret location in Europe. And that it creates a ridiculously delicious rum! Obviously.

In an industry notorious for its quick-wins, it certainly is refreshing to see a producer like Neptune manage to create such a delicious rum in a completely authentic way. With complex flavours of apricot, banana and maple syrup, Neptune has managed to create a tropical sweetness which is quite literally, out of this world.

Although perfect when served neat (as the sailors would drink it), or on the rocks. We suggest trying out founder Richard Davies favourite serve - a unique take on the Espresso martini. Simply replace the vodka with a generous amount of Neptune Rum, and garnish with a little bit of nutmeg for that added festive feel!


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