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How to Eat & Drink Like
You're in the Med

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How to Eat & Drink Like You're in the Med

Picture the scene: the sun is setting; the sea is gently rippling against the rocky shoreline. You’re sat in the Gin Mare Villa in Ibiza, sipping a cold glass of the iconic Mediterranean spirit mixed with 1724 tonic.

Total summer bliss.

gin mare villa ibizaUnfortunately, we can’t transport you to the villa itself (yeah, sorry about that), but what we can do is provide a little guidance on how to recreate the Gin Mare Lifestyle in your own back garden / living room / on your private roof terrace / tiny balcony / (delete as appropriate).

Because no matter where you are in the world – whether that’s with a stunning vista and endless summer sunshine, or simply at home in the kitchen wanting to escape the rain hitting the window pane – Gin Mare ensures that you can bring a slice of the Mediterranean to your food and drink.

gin mare with oystersThe Mediterranean lifestyle has an emphasis on three things balance, freshness and pleasure in food and drink. The Mediterranean countries (Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia…) benefit from hot dry summers and mild, rainy winters which results in bountiful produce that is enjoyed straight from the land, with friends and family, and always in moderation. Gin Mare embodies this ethos and is the starting point for recreating that Mediterranean eating and drinking experience.


They say “one sip” is enough to be a transportive experience – taking your mind straight to warmer climes and the landscapes of southern Europe. But how?

gin mare botanicalsUnlike the more staid, juniper-led ‘traditional’ British gins, Spanish gins are ripe with vibrant flavours and bolder accents. Gin Mare’s signature blend of fragrant botanicals are each steeped for a period of 24 hours to really bring out the flavours.

Flavours that include Mediterranean herbs such as Italian sweet basil, Turkish rosemary and Greek thyme, which are then blended with lemon, cardamom, coriander seeds, Seville orange peels and the most distinguishing element of the gin; hand-picked Arbequina olives. These olives are prized for their Denominación de Origen (DO) and impart a distinctive savoury element to Gin Mare, rounding out its fruity, herbal notes.


The signature serve for Gin Mare is in a large copa glass, with plenty of ice, and the softly effervescent 1724 tonic water. Finish with a sprig of rosemary, twist of orange and slice of lime to garnish.

This pairs well with charcuterie, toasted macadamia nuts, almonds, and even spicy ceviche. The feint salinity and herbal notes play well with savoury profiles while the bright notes of orange blossom and basil complement the spice!

However, to bring a taste of the Med to your home, Gin Mare also works fantastically well in a range of cocktails, which partner with traditional Mediterranean dishes

THE COCKTAIL: Gin Melon Cooler

melon cube cooler gin mareRECIPE:
50ml Gin Mare
50ml Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon
50ml Dry white wine
5ml Gomme syrup
Pinch sea salt
Assorted melon ice cubes

Freeze melon balls/cubes in the freezer overnight. Add to highball glass. Build the ingredients over the melon ice and stir.

SERVE WITH: Pan-fried salmon fillets, green vegetables, meaty white fish.

THE COCKTAIL:  The White One

35ml Gin Mare
25ml Dry vermouth
25ml Lemon juice
20ml Melon syrup
Sparkling water top
Olives to garnish

Stir the ingredients in a large glass with ice, strain into a wine glass and top with sparkling water. Garnish with three olives.

SERVE WITH: Simple seafood and white meats

THE COCKTAIL: Gin Mare Espresso Flip

gin mare espresso flipRECIPE:
50ml Gin Mare
15ml sugar syrup
1 whole egg
1 shot of espresso
Tonka beans or dark chocolate

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and dry shake (without ice) then add ice and shake again. Double strain into a coupette glass and sprinkle with grated Tonka beans and/or dark choc shavings.

SERVE WITH: Nutty biscotti, almond cake, baklava bars, honey-pistachio chocolate tart


GIN MARE cucumber cooler cocktailRECIPE:
40ml Gin Mare
40ml Cucumber mix (2 cucumbers, 10g salt, 1/2 cantaloupe melon)
5ml sugar syrup
40ml sparkling wine

Peel one cucumber and dry the skin out. Blend the rest with salt, the melon and a little water. Pass through a muslin cloth to strain. Mix this with the Gin Mare and sugar syrup in a mixer. Strain into a tall glass with fresh cucumber ribbons throughout and add the dried cucumber skin on top. Top with sparkling wine.

SERVE WITH: charcuterie, serrano ham, melon, tomato salads.


gin mare red snapper cocktailRECIPE:
50ml Gin Mare
25ml dry sherry
25ml smoked vodka
50ml tomato water
2.5ml gomme
pinch salt
Micro radishes to garnish

To make the tomato water, blend a selection of the freshest, best quality tomatoes you can find and then strain through a muslin cloth. Add all the ingredients to shaker with ice. Shake and double strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a few stems of micro radishes.

SERVE WITH: cured sea bass, pickled cucumber salad, black olives, scallops, radish salads


And there you have it, a taste of the Med. at home.
Just cross those fingers for a little sunshine and with a Gin Mare cocktail in hand and fresh fruit, veg and a tapas dish or two at your side, you'll pretty much feel like you're overlooking a Mediterranean coastline... Pretty much...


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