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Drunk Monkey Steals Rum,
Chases People with Knife

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Drunk Monkey Steals Rum, Chases People with Knife

Drunk Monkey Steals Rum, Chases People with Knife

Did you hear the one about the monkey that walked into a Bar...?

He stole everyone's drinks, picked up a knife and chased away the male customers...


The scenes took place in a bar in Paraiba, Brazil, and news sites went mad for the drunken little hooligan. Our favourite headline came courtesy of the Mirror:

"Drunk monkey brandishing huge knife terrorises bar in booze-fuelled
rampage after necking rum dregs."

The crafty capuchin reportedly drank remnants of rum from glasses around the bar before chasing the men with a foot-long knife, but left the women “to drink in relative peace”, according to reports.

“It was a bar staff oversight that ended with the monkey drinking some rum and taking the knife,” - Fire Department Lt Col Saul Laurentino

The monkey was then captured by the local fire department before being released into a nearby environmental reserve, but the troublemaker was scaring children and residents of the area so had to be moved on once more...

This is evolution in action.
We'll have what he's drinking...


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