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Bottles You Need For
Your Christmas Drinks Cabinet

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Bottles You Need for Your Christmas Drinks Cabinet

Contributed by our friends at BarChick...

Christmas jumpers at the ready, it’s time for wicked dinner parties, afternoon drinking sessions, festive nightcaps and of course a decent glass of sherry for Santa.

Don’t just dust off the remnants of your dodgy liqueurs that are lurking in the back of the cabinet, stock up that that home bar and get it up to scratch. These are the bottles that’ll make your living room on par with the best bars in town, now all you need is a hot bartender to mix them up... (Sorry, we don't sell any of them!)

bar chick recommends mozart liqueur


It just isn’t Christmas without a cream liqueur. There’s just something about that thick, smooth and luxurious taste that’s begging you to sip it cuddled up on an armchair by a fire. It’s the only time of year you won’t care too much about the added calories in the creamy base either, everyone puts on a little holiday weight. Enjoy on its own or make a homemade eggnog with a twist! This dark chocolate variety has Bar Chick's name on it for after dinner drinks.


bar chick recommends luc belaire


It’s the season to party and that means popping bubbles on the regular. We’re swapping Champagne for a French sparkling wine this year because Luc Belaire's Brut is the hottest bubbles to hit the market in along time. It’s made by the 5th and 6th generation of a father/son team near Champagne in Burgundy and it’s got all the fresh crisp fruitiness you want without the overpowering creaminess that you get with some rich Champagnes. It’s spot on super chilled as an aperitif before dinner.


Specifically created by Berry Bros way back in 1903 for King Edward VII, this is still going strong today. King’s Ginger is zesty and damn fiery, it’s amazing in Champagne and mulled wine or even just on the rocks if all the creamy drinks and wine get too much.  BarChick’s dad won’t do Christmas without it.


Every bar needs a great vermouth (hello Negronis) and this cool new range of vermouths from Belsazar are already a key ingredient in drinks in some of London’s best bars, so you can trust that they’re the best. Pick your blend from their dry, red, rose or white vermouths depending on what you’re after; the rose and white are so delicious on their own over ice or the dry and red are mega in cocktails or topped up with tonic.


Santa needs his sherry so this is a classic that needs to be in your Christmas booze cabinet.  This is a young sherry so expect it to be super dry on your tongue.  It pairs up perfectly with roasted nuts, and we all know there are bowls of roasted cashews on every corner at this time of year. BarChick also slips this sherry into a Bloody Mary - it gives the whole thing more depth and dryness.


Firstly, bottles don’t get much slicker than this so pop it right at the front of your bar/cabinet. You can’t do Christmas without a great gin, G&Ts are what afternoons are all about - and are so fresh they might be the only thing you can stomach after all that feasting. Copperhead is all about the citrus notes, so slice off some orange peel as a garnish and let the sweet, citrus flavour creep through.


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