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Curious Concoctions –
The Frankenstein

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Curious Concoctions – The Frankenstein

The Frankenstein Cocktail

From potions and poisons to cauldrons and concoctions, is it really Halloween without a weird and wonderful drink?

(Well… yes, but not a Halloween that we would want to be a part of...)

You see, Halloween isn’t just an excuse to dress to impress, it’s also an opportunity for you to become the (g)host with the most. It’s the chance to show off your bar-skills and amaze guests with some bizarre creations that are sure to knock ‘em dead (not literally, of course… But that does depend on how much vodka you use).

That’s why, as The Unofficial Sponsor of Halloween House Parties, 31Dover set out to create our very own curious concoction, ‘The Frankenstein Cocktail’. Our aim was simple, to splice together some of our favourite boo’sy cocktails into a monstrous mixture that guests would go nuts (and bolts) for.

But don’t worry, this cocktail isn’t as much of a pain in the neck as the name might suggest. Instead, the Frankenstein is a simple but delicious slushy cocktail made with Melon sours, Blue Curacao, Vodka and a lot of ice! (After all, we are trying to create a cold stiff one...)

frankenstein halloween cocktail 31Dover

This Halloween treat has a very distinctive look that adds to any Halloween atmosphere; an icy twist on a Melon Sours layered with a Blue Lagoon, this cocktail is a monstrous explosion of colour. Yet, when it comes to the taste this cocktail is more comparable to Dr. Frankenstein than his monster: a smart mix, bursting with ideas and cold to the core.

Tangy bursts of melon, lime and orange form the basis of the mix and provide a real kick, however this is a sweet cocktail at heart, much like the monster we all know and love.

This recipe was created by our own ‘mad mixologist’ Liam Walsh from the Lime Tyger.


1 shot Melon Liqueur
Splash Lime Juice
Splash Gomme Syrup
½ shot Crystal Head Vodka
½ shot De Kuyper Blue Curacao
Splash of Orange Juice

Fill your blender halfway with ice, the melon liqueur, lime juice and gomme, and blend until a slushy consistency. Add this mixture to the glass.
Repeat the blending process with the vodka, blue curacao and a splash of orange juice. After blending this mixture serve on top of the melon sour mix and drink with a straw.

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