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Crystal Head Ideas

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This new bottle is one of them. Bottles of spirits are badges of honour. So skip the recycling bin, it’s time to change their use value make them into v. utilitarian and/or aesthetic objects that will make your visitors coo with envy (because they can’t be bothered with DIY).

The new Aurora Crystal Head Vodka bottle was made for this.The clear skull filled with quadruple-distilled Vodka filtered through 500-million-year-old crystals is desperate to fulfil its next function, so drink up and memento mori.

Terrarium (Tim Burton style or theme of your choice)

For those with a green thumb or like to pretend that they possess one, plus people shell out loads for these things right now as plants are in (you heard it here first). Layer of rocks, layer of potting soil, layer of plants (BarChick loves moss) and if that’s not enough get a few of your favourite figurines scattered throughout. Skeletons and tombstones or fairies and knights, the world is your crystal skull head.

Deadly Decanter

One bottle’s worth of vodka not enough for you? Of course it’s not. Rinse out the residue and fill it with your other favourite spirit. Go crazy and get to infusing as well. Whether it be for sipping a blood-curdling Bloody Mary for two on a hungover Sunday morning, for steeping sloe berries in gin to make sloe gin just in time for Christmas or trying your luck with homemade wine, it will look wicked. Enough with the mason jars. If you’re bold and insane, fill it to the brim and take it out with you for a night on the town. Like a goblet, but better.

Container for fairy lights

1.Drink all the vodka. 2.Buy cheap fairy lights 3.Crumple them in your fists 4..Shove directly into the hole and place it near an outlet. 5.Drink more vodka. Short on lamps? There’s probably nothing cooler than a glass skull lit up on your shelf, or as a bedside light, creepy.

Pantry container

1.Drink all the vodka again because you’ve just purchased another Crystal Head vodka. 2.Fill skull with coffee beans, risotto, muscovado sugar etc. 3.Grind all the beans, eat all the risotto, consume all matter around you etc. and repeat. 5.Fill with Haribo if you’re feeling naughty. 6.Never look back.

Piggy bank

The holidays are rapidly approaching so take your empty skull and fill it with all the pennies you can find in random corners and orifices. When you’re done either tip it up - or far maximum satisfaction smash it once it’s packed tight with pence (although the cleaning up job isn’t one we favour) and change those pennies into notes to splash on more booze.

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