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DIY Carnival!

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If you can't make it to Notting Hill Carnival this weekend, here's how to create your own carnival at home. If you are going to Carnival, here's the perfect after party!

The main ingredients are Rum punch, music and games. Garnish with a massive pile of jerk chicken.

Before you make the punch below, this soca music mix should get you in the mood nicely...

Now, get a big bowl ready and get busy!

Jamaican Rum Punch


200ml The Duppy Share Rum (happens to have £5 off right now, Carnival week only!)
120ml pineapple juice
80ml orange juice
80ml coconut water
60ml freshly squeezed lime juice
40ml grenadine
12 dashes Angostura Bitters

Stir all ingredients in a bowl. Serve over ice and garnish with fresh fruit. Top with a slosh of Wray & Nephew if you dare.


The team at Duppy Share have been doing some extremely serious research into Carnival games. Jess, Duppy's co-founder, says, "They are BRILLIANT." Please take care to read the instructions and prepare the props before 'sampling' any more of that punch.

Duppy's favourite three are:

The Limbo, obviously! This dance comes from the home of Caribbean carnival, Trinidad & Tobago. All it takes is two people holding a pole or scarf at decreasing heights, while the others limbo underneath. The holding of the pole will become a hilarious challenge after a few glasses of punch. You could play Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot for this game, but after the initial "yay, it's this song!" joy, it does get a bit boring. Have the soca mix ready to switch back to!

The Fruit Race - get into two teams. Team members take it in turns to run backwards and forwards between a bowl of chopped fruit and a hollowed out pineapple carrying one piece of fruit each time on a cocktail stick. The team that fills their pineapple to the top first wins.

And best of all, The Pantyhose Knockover, another team game. Tie a pair of tights around your waist and put an orange into the toe of one leg so you have a 'swinging orange', powered by swinging your hips. Every team member needs to knock over a pineapple with the orange. The first team to finish wins.


Now everyone's had a giggle and you're all moving to the music already, right? It's time to bust some moves! Play this and you'll all be rockin' out like mad things:

Finally, get one of our fabulous Brunch Boxes in for stragglers the next day.

Happy Carnival!

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