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The Champagne Tower

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We’ve all seen the coupe glass pyramids; champagne overflowing from one level to the next to the delight of bystanders. However it takes a long time, lots of guests, a lot of champagne, not to mention glasses, to create this effect. Wouldn’t it be great if you could impress your guests in the same way at your parties but without all of the hassle? We think we’ve found the solution.

Coupe Stack does what other coupe-style glasses can’t do. Its unique, patent pending design allows each of the 6 glasses to stack perfectly one on top of the other to form a spectacular, but steady, tower.

Start pouring champagne into the top glass, wait for it to fill, then stand back and watch the magic happen! Champagne starts to flow from glass to glass creating an impressive ‘waterfall’ effect certain to get any event off to a memorable start. Designed to ensure that a 75cl bottle of champagne fills the glass tower perfectly, Coupe Stack is the ideal party piece to wow your guests at your Christmas and New Year parties.

The idea came about from an old photograph Barny Macaulay, the founder of Coupe Stack, and his brother discovered of their Great Uncle Jack with a now lost family heirloom. There he was, pouring a bottle of Pol Roger down a carefully balanced tower of coupe glasses. Barny and his brother had seen champagne pyramids too but this was different and they wanted to recreate it. After prototypes, 3D modelling and lots of champagne Coupe Stack has been revived and is now available for everyone, or at least for those who’ve got the bottle, to enjoy whatever the celebration!

Buy your Coupe Stack here for only £69.95

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