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Cocktail Tails - Lovo Coconut Water & Vodka Drink

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A new addition to our growing range of healthier and 'free-from' drinks options, Lovo is a new pre-mixed sparkling coconut water & Vodka cocktail. It's a super-fresh mix of Thai coconut water and premium Vodka, with less than 1% natural sugar. It isn't polluted with any refined sugar, artificial colours or artificial flavours making it a natural, lower sugar alternative to other ready-to-serve drinks. Delicious and guilt-free! :P

Lovo - lounging on a lilo

The women behind Lovo care about what they put in their bodies, and could never find a drink that lived up to their expectations, so they created it themselves.

Harriet & Jess met at St Andrew’s University and quickly became friends through a mutual appreciation of tea and cake. Harriet being the more sensible of the two, worked as a project manager in the city after uni, whilst Jess flew around Europe designing hotel interiors.

Vodka palms

Recently, Harriet escaped to the countryside to look after her newborn baby girl, and drag Jess for walks through muddy fields. It was on one of these walks that Jess suggested the idea of Lovo to Harriet. From then on there have been a million meetings, constant emails and a lot of hard work to launch their lovely drink. The official launch is on the 1st July 2015, but we've bagged the very first batch of Lovo and it's ready to buy now. Shop Lovo!

Lovo coconut

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