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Brand New:
Baileys Almande

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Brand New: Baileys Almande

Vegan Bailey’s is here. 82 million bottles of the Irish cream liqueur are sold each year and now the vegans among us and those that are sensitive to dairy can join in the Baileys party with Baileys Almande.

BaileysThe vegan-friendly & dairy free recipe mixes sweet almond oil, almond essence (from crushed almonds), cane sugar, purified water and a small amount of real vanilla. The result? A delicious almond-y indulgence.

And more good news, it’s also gluten-free (just in case you were wondering) and at only 67 calories per serving (vs. normal Baileys’ 130), it’s practically good for you.

Baileys Almande“Baileys is one of the UK’s most-loved spirit brands and we wanted to create an indulgent treat that can be enjoyed by those who either can’t or choose not to have dairy in their diets," Laura Pearce, Marketing Director for Baileys at Diageo.

"Since Baileys Almande launched in the US, we have been inundated with requests over here, so we’re delighted to be bringing Baileys Almande to the UK!”

It’s delicious over ice but if you prefer something longer, try a double measure with coconut water - there’ll be no going back.

Baileys Almande Cocktails

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