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Booze Body Ready?

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Feel amazing with these three top boozy ways to slim down for summer, and consume extra nutrients while you're at it. No joke.

1. Wine can stop your junk food cravings. Have a couple of glasses of wine at night to help you avoid snacking on fatty foods.

Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide To Rapid Weight Loss, recommends moderate wine-drinking at night, as it will help you feel sated and therefore less likely to give up a diet or pig out on fatty snacks. The calories in a glass or two of wine is less than a binge of biscuits, chocolate or crisps, and the calories somehow don't seem to cause weight-gain in the same way as with carby food.

Wine before bed also clearly relieves stress and helps you sleep better, but don't overdo it - too much will have you waking up at 4am and the quality of your sleep will be poor. You'll also be consuming too many calories and will risk a hangover, so avoid downing more than a couple of glasses.

And get this: according to The Daily Mail, a 13-year study at Harvard University found out of 20,000 women, those who drank half a bottle of wine a day were less likely to become obese.

Wine exercise

2. Down a beer after hitting the gym - it will give you essential nutrients and act like a protein shake. Seriously, beer is packed with nutrients, including selenium, antioxidants, B vitamins (energy aids), phosphorus (strong bones and teeth), silicon and niacin, as well a lot of protein and a bit of fibre; just what your body needs after a workout.

Studies have shown that beer helps with muscle upkeep, as well as (obviously) relieving stress.

And don't worry about the calories - think of beer as a small meal, as you would a protein shake. Beer has so many vitamins and nutrients that it's more like a food than a drink.

Lower alcohol = fewer calories, so maybe avoid Special Brew. Feel particularly smug and go for a low sugar beer, like Saint Lager.

athlete with beer

Beer - the drink of athletes

3. A G&T is much lower in calories than a glass of wine or beer, at only 59 cals with diet Tonic. It also benefits from loads of health-giving botanicals in the Gin (including anti-oxidants and digestive aids) as well as quinine in the Tonic Water which stimulates appetite and is anti-malarial. Add some strawberries, fresh citrus, cucumber and herbs for extra goodness.

Gin & strawberries

In addition, The Craft Gin Club suggest several Gin-based exercises, including our fave, the Craft Calf Crusher:

• Place you Craft Gin (must be craft of course - often have heavier bottles) on your highest shelf in the kitchen.
• Push all of your weight onto your toes to flex your calves.
• Stretch your arms above your head, grab your bottle and descend as slowly as possible until your heels are back on the ground.
• To increase the burn, conduct the exercise once for the Gin bottle and a second time for the Tonic.

Congrats! Now you're Booze Body Ready! Go reward yourself with a cocktail on the beach.

cocktails, beach

What a body!

N.B. Our Booze Body Ready regimes only work when booze is consumed in moderation...

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