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Introducing The Duppy Share Bag: A party-size packet of rum-flavoured crisps

London, April 1 2015

31Dover.com and The Duppy Share Rum today unveiled a world first; rum-flavoured crisps.
‘The Duppy Share Bag’ was the outcome of months of innovation, with 31Dover.com partnering with craft rum The Duppy Share to bring a unique new product to the food and beverage market.

Taking inspiration from The Duppy Share rum’s Jamaican and Barbadian distilleries, the crisps were made from hand-picked, hand-washed, hand-peeled, hand-sliced and hand-fried plantain, in a painstaking process that used only the very finest ‘just-ripe’ plants to ensure the crisps weren’t too sweet.

The fried plantain crisps were then re-baked with the rum, resulting in a 4% ABV and making ‘The Duppy Share Bag’ a strictly adults-only snack.

31Dover April Fools Duppy Share Bag

The flavour-sequencing technique controlled the rum addition and allowed for an unlocking of different taste elements as you crunch. The first bite reveals an aroma of vanilla, leading on to a savoury, nutty mouthfeel and a distinctive, delicious rum kick on the finish.

‘The Duppy Share Bag’ follows in the footsteps of Guinness crisps, Prosecco crisps and Gin and Tonic crisps, with 31Dover.com introducing the rum-flavoured crisps as the first product in a potential new business venture for the drinks retailer.

The ‘test-batch’ was offered FREE to customers, with the promise of similar experimental partnerships involving vodka-flavoured crisps and Crisps de Provence wine crisps also in the pipeline.

Customers were sent an email titled TASTERS WANTED and 31Dover also reached out on social media for sign ups.

1Dover April Fools Duppy Share Bag Email

The first 100 gullible customers were NOT sent a test-batch of rum-flavoured crisps.
Because we were fooling around, like most other brands on April 1st.

The first 100 customers WERE sent something even better, with a 20cl bottle of The Duppy Share rum posted out to them instead.

For the unlucky sign-ups who weren't so quick to fall for our prank, a discount code for The Duppy Share Rum was sent to their emails so they could enjoy something even better than Rum crisps: Rum itself...

31Dover April Fools Twitter

The Duppy Share rum has mischief at the heart of the brand to it was great to be able to have some fun on April 1st, as well as offer customers a teeny treat, for being such good sports.

Cheers to April Fools!

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